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Experts Corner

How to pick the best air conditioning installer in Sydney

Did you know that 40% of the energy used by Australian households, on average, is for heating and cooling?

This is why it is important to devote ample time when deciding what air conditioner to install. There are many types of air conditioners to choose from, such as split and ducted systems.

Additionally, there are many manufactures to choose from – Daikin, LG, Samsung, Kelvinator, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Electric are the better-known ones.

The size of the air conditioner itself can also vary based on the size of your home, ceiling height and the number of windows.

The climate of your local area also influences your air conditioning needs.

To add further confusion, anti-allergen filters may be needed to alleviate those who have allergies.

This can be an overwhelming process, which is why it is important to consider who should install your air conditioning system.

As air conditioning installers handle refrigerants, the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) requires all installers and technicians to hold full or restricted licenses, the latter allowing them to only install split system air conditioners.

Installers costs can vary based on the type and unit purchased, the number of units to install, the amount of cabling used and, the amount of cable ducting, if required.

The wider Australian HVAC industry (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) employs over 95,000 workers across 6,400 businesses, generating revenue of around $8 billion. Installers make up a significant portion of that workforce.

That is a lot of businesses to decide from.

To help make a decision, check our our list of the best installers across Sydney.