Under the Club Moolia brand, the club sits on a massive 1,200 hectare property. Source: Image supplied.
  • Under the Club Moolia brand, the club is set to light up Perth in 2022.
  • Features a variety of activities and amenities, from race car circuits to pristine lagoons.
  • Perth chosen as the site due to its excellent location.

Launching under the Club Moolia brand, Asia-Pacific’s first automotive country club is set to open up in Perth, Western Australia in 2022.

The $100 million country club has already attracted race enthusiasts, celebrities, and high net-worth individuals from all over the Asia-Pacific.

Sitting on a massive 1,200-hectare property, the club has a lot to offer.

Race enthusiasts will enjoy the club’s main attraction: a technical 4km race track, consisting of 17 idiosyncratic turns, multiple high-speed straights, and six varying configurations.

Club Moolia Driving Circuit
The large property presents a cutting-edge driving circuit. Source: Image supplied.

Club Moolia has also partnered with the world’s leading developer of man-made crystalline turquoise waters, Crystal Lagoons to develop state-of-the-art technology that requires 100 times fewer chemicals and 2% of the energy of conventional swimming pools, while maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene.

The club’s one-hectare lagoon will provide members with an opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities, including water-sports, kayaking, snorkelling, paddle-boating, and admiring the scenic view of the lagoon and surrounding beaches.

The club will feature Australia’s first and only Crystals Lagoons. Source: Image Supplied.

The private suites will be equipped with en-suite bathrooms, rooftop terraces, high-speed internet, televisions, and minibars.

Perth was chosen as a prime location for the club to be established because of its excellent location. The city is directly accessible by flights of less than five hours from major Asia-Pacific metropolitan cities, and the recent completion of the Northlink WA Highway has reduced travel time to the club from downtown and Perth International Airport.

Make no mistake that the club is ultra-exclusive. The number of memberships is limited to 600, with Celebrity memberships starting at $30,000.

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