Gregor Evans, President of the SCA, Victoria. Image: Supplied, and Canva.
  • Shared facilities open as some restrictions lift
  • Up to 10 visitors allowed to homes
  • Masks still recommended

Victoria was one of the hardest-hit states, enduring six lockdowns. With the vaccination rates now above 80% and expected to hit 90% in late November, restrictions started to lift – albeit not all.

For those in apartments and strata title, things did become confusing at times, at one point there was uncertainty about whether visitors to an apartment would have to scan a QR code.

As life begins to see some normalcy return, the Strata Community Association (Victoria) gave three pieces of advice on what you can do.

1. Shared facilities are back

Both indoors and outdoors shared facilities are once again open, meaning those looking for a quick dip to cool down will be allowed to do so; President of the SCA Victoria Gregor Evans, also said:

“You can get into the gym to make a pre-emptive start on those upcoming new years’ resolutions, and you can have your mates around to share a beer and a barbecue on the rooftop once more – the possibilities have really opened up.”

Gregor Evans, President of the SCA, Victoria

Mr Evans added that, for the health and safety of yourself and those around you, people should check in via the QR code.

“Above all else, use common sense to ensure safe and enjoyable use of the common property and facilities by everyone,” said Mr Evans.

2. Up to 10 visitors at home are allowed

Under current public health guidelines*, you are allowed to host up to 10 guests at your home.

“In enjoying the company of others at home, and particularly as the holiday season approaches, please ensure that all guests act sensibly and safely when visiting your home, while being considerate of other residents,” said Mr Evans.

While many find it unpleasant, masks are still highly recommended by the Department of Health when walking through any enclosed common areas in strata or apartments.

“Throughout the past 2 years, we have all observed the ability for COVID-19 transmission to occur more easily within enclosed spaces,” said Mr Evans.

Wearing a mask is not a specified requirement in essential common property areas, but is nonetheless recommended, particularly as physical distancing might not always be practicable in such common areas.

*Guidelines may have changed since the publication of this article. Please check the relevant government information.

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