Many species of butterflies have nearly vanished from metropolitan Adelaide. Image – Canva.
  • Program seeks to reverse the impact of urban development on threatened butterfly species
  • Adelaide hopes to become a National Park City

A new program to enhance a more butterfly-friendly habitat across metropolitan South Australia has been launched.

The program is designed to reverse the effect of Adelaide’s urban development upon threatened butterfly species.

“Butterflies are native pollinators and an essential building block of a healthy environment, but several species are under pressure due to urban sprawl,” said David Speirs, the Minister for Environment and Water.

“This new program will create a more butterfly friendly city by working with key experts to prioritise areas to plant more butterfly friendly habitat, as well as boost awareness of these insects that spread happiness for children and adults alike.”

David Speirs, Minister for Environment and Water

“Butterflies need our help to create their new homes, so they can create a healthy environment for us to enjoy.”

Mr Speirs added that the rewilding program demonstrates the state government’s commitment towards Adelaide becoming a National Park City.

“Adelaide has just been ranked the most liveable city in Australia and third most liveable city in the world and projects like these will help further enhance this reputation.”

Green Adelaide Board Presiding Member Professor Chris Daniels added that as butterflies are special native pollinators, they are an essential building block of a healthy environment.

“The yellowish sedge-skipper, coast bitter-bush blue and the chequered copper butterflies have near vanished from metropolitan Adelaide because there is less of their habitat around,” Professor Daniels said.

“This program will focus on raising awareness about Adelaide’s threatened butterflies and delivering more targeted management activities such as plantings to support the recovery of these rarer butterflies living across metropolitan Adelaide.”

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