fresh food markets
Photo by Erik Scheel from Pexels
  • Products will be local and sustainably-sourced from 100+ vendors
  • Site is currently under construction adjacent to Busselton’s ALDI and Kmart stores on West Street
  • Features will include a playground, interior urban garden, microbrewery and even rooftop urban beehives

The Origin Market will feature sustainable and locally sourced products whereby more profits return to the farmers and fishermen – providing the producers with a much-needed boost.

The site – owned and being developed Erceg Management, a privately run WA boutique property specializing in retail centers – is being built on West Street, Busselton adjacent to ALDI and Kmart.

Vendors range from farmers, producers, winemakers, artisans and creators. Additionally, facilities include a commercial kitchen for vendors, playground, interior urban garden, a microbrewery and rooftop urban beehives.

Busselton Local Anthony Heslewood has already committed to supplying his sustainably-caught fish to the markets in his hometown.  Revolution Fisheries, his new venture, seeks to disrupt the way we buy and eat fish by using a ‘hook and line’ catching method – known to be among the most sustainable fishing practices.

“As soon as I heard about Origins Market, I knew that it would be an amazing opportunity for me to get back to my roots and start fishing again. I’ve rebranded my business and begun to focus less on high value export products and more on the kinds of catches suited to our local demographic,” Mr Heslewood said.

“I can’t wait to showcase the amazing, sustainable seafood products that I catch around our shores. From the humble herring all the way to the deep-sea giant crabs, I want to supply our local community with Aclass, incredibly fresh, sustainably caught and ethically handled fresh seafood products.”

Mr Heslewood’s daily catch will be displayed on ice instead of being pre-packaged, which is unique compared to other markets in the region. A variety of fish and cuts will be available and expertly prepared making his display very butcher-esque.

Additionally he is excited about the pre-made meals he can make using his fresh seafood for the public.

“As a lifelong Busselton local, my passion for our local produce is unbridled. I’m excited about the possibilities of collaboration Origins Market gives me, and the chance to share this passion with the community I grew up in. It’s also the platform that has enabled me to get back into the fishing industry and grow my business out of the rubble that COVID-19 has left behind.”

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