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  • Plungie is in a partnership with Metricon, Australia's largest homebuilder
  • Pools can be selected when choosing a home package
  • Plungie continues international expansion with a factory in Dallas, Texas

Using award-winning industry-first technology, Plungie currently has four unique designs as part of their precast plunge pool offering. The partnership with Metricon will allow customers to select a Plungie concrete pool when diving into a new home package.

Plungie was established in 2018 with a mission to become the world’s largest manufacturer of concrete swimming pool by using a scalable and straightforward business model that could easily be integrated by builders.

According to the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) of Australia, COVID-19 saw a spike in the number of households installing pools. This has resulted in many pool builders and installers being booked out until Christmas 2021, making the relative ease and efficiency of Plungie’s pools highly attractive to builders and households alike.

Ty Hermans, Managing Director of Plungie, hopes their offerings make pool ownership easier and more affordable for new homebuyers.

“In two years, we’ve successfully disrupted and challenged a global industry that had remained largely unchanged for more than a century,” Mr Hermans said.

“We’re proud to make pool ownership possible for more families.”

Matt Emerson, Metricon’s Marketing Manager in Queensland, echoes this view.

“As Australia’s largest homebuilder, Metricon prides itself on innovating in home design for changing lifestyles,” Mr Emmerson said.

“By teaming up with Plungie, we’re able to provide an affordable pool in all new Metricon homes without build delay.”

Alongside a factory in Brisbane, another factory in Dallas, Texas is set to commence manufacturing this month.  Canada and Europe are the next markets Plungie hopes to drop into later this year.

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