The Tourism Australia ambassador is coming to Cowra next year. Image – Gage Skidmore and Canva
  • Cowra has run a successful tourism campaign 'Get Chris to Cowra'
  • Chris Hemsworth announced he will be visiting the rural NSW town in 2022
  • The 'Hemsworth Effect' could impact local real estate

The rural town of Cowra is buzzing after their cheeky ‘Get Chris to Cowra‘ campaign worked and actor Chris Hemsworth announced to his 50 million Instagram followers that he would pay the town a visit.

Cowra Tourism launched the quirky campaign with a video less than two weeks ago in a bid to entice Chris to come and stay.

Cowra Tourism Manager, Glenn Daley, said the campaign is a unique and fun way to promote the town and the region.

“It was just a small country town of 30,000 people trying to attract arguably one of Hollywood’s most well-known A-listers.”

The campaign has been a success attracting global attention to the rural town after Chris announced that he would be “…coming in hot” in 2022.

Chris’ Instagram post to his fifty million followers. Image – Instagram

Mr Daley said he was “flabbergasted” when he heard the news.

“It’s mindblowing, everyone is buzzing. Literally everyone in town has gotten around the campaign,” he said.

“I did not expect it to be this big. The fact that it has gone viral is just incredible.”

Glenn Daley, Cowra Tourism Manager

The hashtag #GetChrisToCowra has been trending on Instagram as locals post pictures with cardboard cutouts of Chris around town.

After a couple of challenging years with drought and a mouse plague, Mr Daley said the pandemic was just another kick in the guts for Cowra.

“When tourism sufferers everyone suffers, it’s a trickle-down effect that impacts the whole town.”

“This is a great boost for the morale of the region.”

“To have him say that he is coming to visit puts the region in the spotlight and it makes the town and the region feel good about itself,” said Mr Daley.

Cowra’s Japanese gardens are one of its biggest attractions. Image – Canva

The ‘Hemsworth Effect’ on Real Estate

While the regional NSW property markets are already performing well, the infamous ‘Hemsworth Effect’ which was felt when Chris bought a home in Byron Bay, may intensify the already hot market in Cowra.

Stephen Haslam, Principal at Cowra Real Estate, believes that while Chirs may not be purchasing in Cowra, the campaign will bring the area to the attention of house hunters.

“It will make people look for property outside of the eastern seaboard,” Mr Haslam said.

“Chris will show off what the central west has to offer. The campaign is exposing Cowra to the world, keeping us front of mind.”

During the pandemic, lockdowns have lured people from cities to regions with the incentive of more space and generally fewer Covid restrictions.

This, along with the ability to work from home becoming an ever more viable option for many, has driven down property stock in many regional areas including Cowra.

Cowra Property Listings

“There is a lack of stock. When a good property comes on the market, it does sell very quickly,” Mr Haslam.

But he believes the relative affordability and lifestyle on offer will still make visitors consider staying.

“I am hoping him coming will not drive property prices up further but I’m hoping it will drive tourism up,” Mr Daley said.

“We want Chris and his family to come and to enjoy it. He has done so much for us just by posting and saying he is going to come,” he said.

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