6.4 million Australians do some or all of their grocery shopping virtually. Image – Canva
  • One in three Australians have begun grocery shopping online
  • A much larger portion 86% say it is more efficient
  • Highest virtual grocery take-up is seen in the most heavily Covid hit states

One in three Aussies have begun to at least dabble in online grocery shopping since the pandemic struck according to a recent survey conducted by Finder.

33% of respondents reported they have started grocery shopping online since initial lockdowns last year. This was in a nationwide survey of 1,015 conducted in July.


Based on this data 6.4 million people in the country have begun to shop some or most of their groceries virtually.

Kate Browne, the personal finance expert at Finder, believes Covid changed the way that businesses adapt to customer needs.

“Online shopping has skyrocketed since the pandemic began, and supermarkets have made significant changes to their in-store experience.”

Kate Browne, Finder

“Many Australians now have a huge range of meal options at their fingertips, made even easier by food boxes, meal kits and food delivery services,” Browne said.

“Online shopping can give you the power to hunt around for a bargain.

“Meal delivery services are great for those who have larger households looking to save money, cut down on food waste and spend less time shopping and cooking.”

Interestingly, 86% of respondents agree that online grocery shopping is more efficient and saves time.

State by State

New South Wales led the way in terms of virtual groceries, with 43% of respondents reporting some or most of their shopping is done online.

Victoria followed at 31%.

In Western Australia, the vast majority (78%) said that their shopping habits remained mostly unchanged since the pandemic began. South Australian respondents reported similar results (70%).

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