Adrian Kelly has called for unity. Image – Canva and REIA
  • REIA President called out "fractured" state and territory responses to recent outbreaks
  • He has made calls for a consistent nationwide approach towards real estate restrictions
  • Notable difference between ACT and Victoria's stricter restrictions compared with NSW

Unity will be the key to protecting the property industry, according to REIA President Adrian Kelly. He has called out the state and territory governments on their “fractured” response to the recent virus outbreaks.

Mr Kelly highlighted the severity of restrictions in Victoria and the ACT in comparison with more relaxed measures in NSW where inspections have been allowed.

“Citizens of NSW now have an advantage over their counterparts in Victoria and the ACT for no apparent reason at all, and in the industry, there is an undeniable comparative advantage,” said Mr Kelly.

According to Mr Kelly, agents and customers in both Victoria and the ACT are prevented from listing properties as spring season sales approach.

This difference in approach has been borne out in the auction clearance rates, with it remaining relatively high in Sydney (where one on one inspections are allowed) and Melbourne (where they are banned).

Last week’s auction success rate was up at 70% in Sydney, but only 16.6% in Melbourne, according to SQM Research data,

“The fractured approach to policymaking across States and Territories needs to stop.”

Adrian Kelly, REIA President

“We need to be honest about this as a nation and put in place risk-based pragmatic rules that are consistent across Australia so housing continues to function for the benefits of all home buyers, owners, tenants and investors.”

Mr Kelly called for a code of practice that is consistent nationwide.

He recommends during shorted snap lockdowns, contactless activities such as on-site filming and virtual inspections should be allowed. During longer lockdowns, however, one on one inspections should continue.

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