Dinner Twist Box
Dinner Twist – recyclable containers, fresh WA food.
  • More family time, more me-time, more good food. Less chaos!
  • Great tasting meal recipes and WA produce, delivered to your door
  • Recyclable packing, no preservatives, good for you and the planet


Sound like a familiar cycle?

Some of us – let’s face it, the minority – may love the process and appreciate the control of everything from the shopping list down to the recipe measurements. But, the rest of us? The list of things we would prefer to be doing is endless.

There’s a lot of pressure in today’s society to be flawless when it comes to providing your family with healthy and nutritionally balanced yet delicious meals for the week (oh and don’t forget, meals that don’t come at the cost of the Earth.)

Fear not! We’re here to give you the low down on the who, what, when, where and most importantly why on Dinner Twist. A family-focused, forward-thinking bunch of food (and planet) lovers!

Chris and My Tistrand, and family
Chris and My Tistrand, and family.

After a trip home to Sweden in 2011, owners Chris and My came across a popular dinner concept that brought joy to those around them. As hard-working parents, they know first-hand the difficulty in coming up with new dinner meals as well as the frustration felt when rushing through the supermarket aisles.

Armed with a desire to help people make positive eating choices while creating a healthy and sustainable future, Dinner Twist was born.

Nine years on, the family business is located in Canning Vale, and are at the forefront of bringing families in WA together for dinner, reducing environmental impacts, household use of plastics and food waste.

They are proud to be involved in community food drives, charities and events, and support local, hardworking WA farmers and suppliers.

Gail and Philana
Recipe Creators, Gail & Philana, volunteering at 2020 Dinner Twist Fire Relief Fundraiser

So, now you want to know how Dinner Twist will benefit you and your family (and your family’s families for generations to come)…

Packaging? Reusable, recyclable, biodegradable – all the good things for our planet that you should be receiving in a meal kit delivery. You can expect your weekly Dinner Twist delivery to help you cut back on your overall waste for the week.

Produce? Locally sourced wherever possible, with frequent features of smaller, Western Australian suppliers, which allows you to constantly discover new and exciting flavours and products. The team strive to source either free-range, sustainably caught or regeneratively farmed meat.

Dinner Twist team with WA farmers
Dinner Twist team with WA farmers

Recipes? Delicious, nutritionally balanced with no additives or preservatives – just wholesome goodness! With everything from family-friendly options to plant-based and gluten-free!

Extra meals? Pantry items? When we say you can skip the grocery store, we mean it. Dinner Twist’s online marketplace is essentially a virtual Sunday Market, allowing you to add your weekly essentials to your order and have them delivered right to your doorstep. This is the future, people.

Dinner Twist is truly ahead of the game, providing their customers with ongoing opportunities to give back to our community. Some of the charities they have recently worked with include Anglicare WA, MSWA Mega Home Lottery, Cystic Fibrosis WA, Zonta Refuge House and Share the Dignity.

Interested in incorporating a fresh take on a healthy & sustainable, family-focused lifestyle?

Enjoy 15% off your first order during the month of June with the code LESSCHAOS‘ at dinnertwist.com.au

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