Mandurah tops the list. Image – Canva
  • Knowing where tenants are looking can be helpful to property investors considering purchasing a rental
  • Mandurah was the most visited suburb
  • The list highlights the variety of lifestyles in demand in Perth

The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) has revealed the most popular suburbs among those looking for rentals this winter.

This is based on how many visits each suburb attracted on top 10 most viewed suburbs this winter

1. Mandurah

Really a city in its own right, the popular coastal tourist area of Mandurah topped the list. It received the most visits on the REIWA site this winter.

The median rent price is $320 and the gross rental yield is 5.7%.

2. Ellenbrook

Taking silver place on the list is Ellenbrook. The eastern suburb neighbours Perth’s popular wine region in the Swan Valley.

Ellenbrook’s median rent price is $380 and it has an average gross rental yield of 4.9%.

3. Baldivis

Located about 30 minutes drive south of the CBD, Baldivids was also a popular consideration among prospective tenants.

The suburb has a median rent price of $400 and investors can expect around 5.0% gross rental yield.

4. Midland

Also bordering Perth’s wine regions, Midland proved popular this winter.

The median rent price is $320. The gross rental yield is 5.8%.

5. Joondalup

Joondalup, a large northern suburb of Perth, was the fifth most visited suburb on the REIWA site this winter.

The median rent price is $383 and there is a gross rental yield of 4.1%.

6. Willetton

Located close to the Shelley foreshore, the southern suburb of Willeton reached was the sixth most popular suburb.

The median rent price in Willeton is $460 with the gross rental yield the lowest on this list at 3.6%

7. Canning Vale

Canning Vale is the seventh most considered suburb in Perth for rentals.

$460 is the median rent price for tenants while the gross rental yield for investors in 4.1%.

8. Scarborough

The west coast suburb of Scarborough attracted attention on the site, placing it eighth on the list. With beautiful beaches and a bustling pedestrian promenade, this seaside suburb is a popular spot for tourists.

The suburb has a median rental price of $460 and a gross rental yield of 3.8%.

9. Armadale

Located in the foothills of Perth residents enjoy easy access to many nature reserves and greenery.

This is the most affordable suburb on this list with the median rent price at $300. Interestingly investors also enjoy the highest gross rental yield at 6%.

10. Fremantle

The bustling historic harbourside suburb of Fremantle rounds out the list for the most viewed suburbs.

The median rental price is $480 and the gross rental yield is 4.1%.

Fremantle offers trendy cafes and rich history. Image – Canva

Greater Perth

To put the above data into context, Greater Perth as a whole received 23,367 site visits.

The median rent price is $410 and the gross rental yield is 4.5%.

Variety is the spice of life

According to Sjanna Sandalova, REIWA Media and Communications Advisor, the takeaway from the list is that prospective tenants are looking all over Perth to find a rental. In the process, they are considering an array of lifestyles available.

There are popular suburbs in each corner of the city, from Mandurah an hour’s drive south to Joondalup in the north, Ellenbrook in the east and Scarborough on the west coast.

The list also reveals the spectrum of lifestyles in demand in Perth. Places like Fremantle and Scarborough which offer café strips and popular beaches gathered attention on the REIWA website.

The eastern suburbs of Ellenbrook and Midland also attracted viewers. They, on the other hand, offer more space and are just a stone’s throw away from the vineyards in Swan Valley and the bushland in the Perth Hills.

“If you are an investor, the good news is that there is a clear need for rentals across all ends of the market.

Sjanna Sandalova, REIWA


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