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The are 95,000 workers across the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. Image – Canva.

Australians love their heating and cooling.

Did you know this makes up about 40% of a household’s energy use?

That is why, when deciding what air conditioning system to use, a range of factors need to be taken into consideration.

Is a split or ducted system the best? How does my climate affect my air conditioning needs? Which manufacturer should I choose? My family member has allergies – should I get anti-allergen filters?

On top of this, and to help you answer the above, you will need to decide who installs your system.

The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) requires all installers that handle refrigerants to hold either full licences or restricted for those who only install split systems. The costs of installation can vary based on the type and units purchased, the number of units, cabling and how much cable ducting – if required.

There are over 95,000 workers across the 6,400 heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, with a significant portion of these installers.

That is a lot to choose from.

To help make a decision, here we have a list of the 25 best installers across Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Top Air Conditioner Installers in Melbourne

Image – Canva.

1) Ideal Air Heating and Cooling

Ideal Air has been in operation since 2010, servicing the Melbourne metropolitan area five days a week. Their services include residential air conditioning installation offering both split system and ducted system installations.

2) Melbourne Cooling

Melbourne Cooling has over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial cooling systems across metropolitan Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. They are a service partner of Rinnai, a leading Japanese heating and cooling manufacturer.

3) Arctic Blue Air Conditioning

Arctic Blue is a second-generation family-owned business with extensive experience in air conditioning and heating.  They service residential and commercial customers across inner Melbourne including the CBD, Carlton, Fitzroy, Richmond, Abbotsford, Collingwood and Clifton Hill, specialising in Victorian Terraces and Period Homes.

4) Airfit Air Conditioning

Airfit Air Conditioning has been operating for over 20 years and are specialists in domestic, commercial and industrial air cooling solutions. Based in Essendon North,  they have an in-house design team along with licensed technicians skilled in new building starts and refurbishments.

5) Casey Air

Casey Air is a Melbourne-based heating and cooling company with over 20 years of experience in both residential and commercial sectors. They are an end-to-end service provider serving Melbourne’s South East and Eastern Suburbs, including Dandenong and Frankston. All of their products come with pre and post-sale support.

6) Bayair Electrical & Air Conditioning

Bayair Electrical & Air Conditioning specializes in the sale, design and installation of split system air conditions. An authorised Daikin dealer, they offer a six-year guarantee on every installation and service all of Melbourne Bayside.

7) Coldflow

Coldflow is an Australian-owned family business with more than 50 years of experience in air conditioning installations for both commercial and residential customers. They have an in-house engineering design team and have completed over 150,000 installations.

8) ACSM Air Conditioning

ACSM Air Conditioning is based in Keysborough and provides residential and commercial air conditioning services across Melbourne. With over 30 years of experience, they have extensive experience in installing and repairing reverse cycle, split and ducted heating systems.

9) Bradmac Heating & Cooling

Established in 1987, Bradmac Heating & Cooling specialises in repairs, installations and maintenance services for cooling and heating services across Melbourne. Based in Airport West, they offer services to both residential and commercial customers. Bradmac is also an Actron Air Platinum Dealer – Australia’s largest locally owned air conditioning manufacturer.

10) Air365

Air365 – previously owned and operated as JollyAir, a family-owned business – was taken over by Mike Jolly after being an integral part of the business for 17 years. Since 2017, Mike has continued to run the business, specialising in the installation of wall mounted air conditioning split systems across Melbourne.

11) North West Air Conditioning

Since 1985, North West Air Conditioning has been supplying and installing tailored heating and cooling systems across Victoria. North West are Climate Masters of Seeley International and offer seven-year workmanship and product warranties.

12) Premium Air

Premium Air provides heating and cooling services across Melbourne. Their managing director, Peter Davidson, has personally managed over 80,000 installations throughout his career and is highly sought after by other heating and cooling companies to facilitate training sessions.

13) StayCool Heating and Air Conditioning

Staycool Heating and Air Conditioning have been providing cooling and heating solutions across Victoria since 1983. Based in Hallam, they have a team of 40 employees consisting of sales, design, project management, electricians, service and installation technicians.

14) ExtrordinAir

ExtrordinAir provides heating and cooling services across Melbourne. Recently, they have moved from Maribyrnong warehouse to a larger premise at Airport West. They have 20 years of experience across residential and commercial air conditioning installation and provide a 24 hour response time.

15) Maroondah Heating & Cooling

Maroondah Heating & Cooling have more than 20 years of experience in heating and cooling services for homes of all sizes.  They provide air conditioning installation services across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, having done so since 1998.

16) Coolpro Air Conditioning

Coolpro Air Conditioning has more than 28 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry. Since 2000, Coolpro has been servicing Melbourne’s southwest, Bayside and Mornington regions.

17) Caroline Cooling Services

Caroline Cooling Services has been providing air conditioning services – including installation – for the past five years. Operating throughout Melbourne’s central, northern and western suburbs, they serve both residential and commercial customers.

18) Miles Ice Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Miles Ice Refrigeration & Air Conditioning has over twenty years of experience in the Melbourne air conditioning industry. Along with commercial and industrial air conditioning, Miles Ice focuses on working with landlords and property managers for a niche rental and investment property installation and repair service.

19) Air Confidence

Air Confidence is a heating and cooling contractor based in the Mornington Peninsula. They offer their services across south eastern Melbourne, including Dandenong, Frankston and surrounding areas.

20) Repser Air

Repser Air are based in South Morang and provide air conditioning services across Melbourne. This includes the installation of both domestic and commercial cooling and heating systems.

21) Noel Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Noel Air Conditioning & Refrigeration provides installation services for residential & commercial customers. For more than a quarter of a century, they have been providing heat and cooling solutions throughout Melbourne and parts of regional Victoria.

22) Cranbourne Air Conditioning

Cranbourne Air Conditioning is a small family business based in Cranbourne that provide air conditioning and heating service across Melbourne. Founded in 1980, the father and son team of David and Michael Pope have over 75 years of industry experience between them.

23) NK Air

Based in Oakleigh South, NK Air provides a range of cooling and heating installations across Melbourne, servicing industrial, retail and domestic customers. NK Air supplies a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor air conditioning, along with a range of furnaces, duct systems and compressors.

24) Everlasting Air

Family-owned Everlasting Air supplies ducted heating and cooling installation across Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. Based in Tullamarine, Everlasting Air has over 37 years of industry experience in residential and bulk commercial installations.

25) Fridge Air

Based in Rowville, Fridge Air provides a range of commercial and industrial air conditioning services across Melbourne. Founded in 1987, the two directors have 80 years of experience in the industry, with Fridge Air experienced in small commercial installation to working on complex cooling systems on a Bass Strait Oil platform.

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