WA dodgy apartment developers
The Australian Apartment Advocacy Group has urged Western Australian to follow New South Wales’ lead in protecting consumers from untrustworthy builders and developers. Image – Canva
  • NSW Government has implemented a rating tool called iCIRT to weed out dodgy builders, launching in March next year
  • Australian Apartment Advocacy has urged WA to take action, saying not enough has been done to protect consumers
  • Advocacy group says it has developed its own six-point rating system, and extends help to any government looking to do the same

The Western Australian government is being urged to follow New South Wales’ lead in introducing further building quality control systems.

An advocacy group representing apartment owners across Australia says the government has not taken sufficient action to rid the state of dishonest builders and developers.

NSW’s ‘game-changing’ rating tool

The New South Wales Government revealed the new ratings tool iCIRT, created by Equifax, earlier this year.

The tool will allow housing developments within the state to be rated, providing a measure of the builder’s trustworthiness and capability.

The ratings platform was created in an effort to drive out dishonest builders, and help instill a sense of confidence in consumers who are purchasing an apartment.

Builders whom fail to reach a three out of five star minimum are deemed untrustworthy.

The innovative system, labelled by the NSW Government as a “game-changer”, will be made available to buyers in March next year.

Australian advocacy group’s concern for WA

The nation’s largest apartment advocacy group, Australian Apartment Advocacy (AAA), is now urging Western Australia to implement a similar system.

The group highlighted the enormity of the problem of apartment building defects and said the release of the ABCB response to the Building Confidence report leaves the state with little choice but to take action.

The passionate advocacy group represents thousands of apartment owners across the nation.

AAA founder Samantha Reece has been a vocal advocate for addressing the building defect crisis in the past, supporting a Queensland advocacy group earlier this year.

Ms Reece has divided her attention to include Western Australia in her concerns now, hoping the state will follow suit with New South Wales.

WAAA Director Samantha Reece
Samantha Reece, AAA founder. Image- Supplied.

AAA extends helping hand to governments

Ms Reece said the hot property market sparked an “unholy rush” as some developers and builders accelerated projects to cater to the boom, creating a rise in defects.

A survey conducted by AAA earlier this year with 3,600 respondents found 54% of new apartments across Australia were defective.

“The defects included internal and external water leakage and damage and
structural defects and cracking,” Ms Reece said.

Ms Reece commended the New South Wales Government for implementing the rating system, however said Western Australia needs to do more.

“AAA has developed its own six-point construction rating system which we hope to release in the New Year because we are worried that States like Western Australia have further work to do in protecting the public against building defects.

Samantha Reece, AAA founder

Ms Reece extended the help of AAA to any Government in any Australian state, saying  the group would be happy to help in bolstering consumer protection.

“By offering this new rating system from March 2022, NSW is now a mile in front of
every other State in providing consumer protection against poorly built
apartments,” Ms Reece concluded.


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