golf by the sea tee off
$12.8M for a golf course is good value, considering some global city mansions can fetch double or treble this.
  • Torquay golf course, 1.5 hours from Melbourne, sells for almost half its previous price
  • The $12.8M championship course was purchased by a former investment banker
  • COVID closed the course for a time, the previous owners went into administration

What can you expect to see from a Torquay golf course green?

Basil Fawlty might suggest, “The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plain…,” the Sydney Opera House, however? May I suggest sir or madame patronise Royal Sydney?

Set in the beautiful surrounds of Torquay… Victoria, the golf course recently sold for a slightly disappointing $12.8M.

It’s peanuts when you trawl the pages of Architectural Digest for the latest mansion in Beverly Hills. Even our own celebrity listings here in Australia often fetch well over double the price of this golf course.

The comments section of any luxury listings are frequented by sarcastic musings like “what a steal” – as it turns out, this golf course was just that.

Indeed it is incredibly inexpensive, last week The Property Tribune reported $1M only got you enough room to swing a cat in Monaco (16 square metres), that’s only four socially distanced people. Your money goes much further in Victoria, enough room to swing a club, as many as you like.

Purchased by former investment banker Jack Dahan, the Financial Review reported the 76-hectare, championship golf course was sold for almost double the current price, $23 million, some four years ago.

golf by the sea green
Photo – Canva. Though not the actual course pictured above, Torquay is along Victoria’s famous Great Ocean Road, closer to the Melbourne end.

Temporarily closed for COVID, the course was put up for sale in August last year after a Chinese company that owned and operated it went into administration.

The eighteen holes were designed by Victorian pro-golfer Stuart Appleby, as reported by the Financial Review. The course includes a hotel.

Only an hour and a half away from Melbourne’s CBD, the golf course has sensational views of that thing between the land and the sky.

Here ends the Fawlty Towers references.

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