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Picking the best home builder in Melbourne

For most of us, buying or building a home will be the biggest financial decision we will ever make.

Building a home, in particular, can be an overwhelming experience.  There are endless designs and many builders to choose from.

Some home builders focus on single and double-storey homes, while others may specialise in slopping sites for example.

There are builders targeting first home buyers, mid-range homes to top-end custom design and luxury builders. Many are large volume builders while some may be smaller operations that only complete a handful of homes per year.

When deciding on a builder a range of factors should be considered.

Price and budget should be clear from the onset. Due to profit margins, builders that focus on the first home buyers are less likely to offer highly customised products. Likewise, a luxurious builder is less likely to build a smaller home

A builders background should also be considered. Especially in a highly competitive market that was fuelled by significant government incentives, many builders cut prices to attract buyers

While this may appear to benefit consumers, if the builder is not around this could be disastrous.

This is why it is important to source a credit reference for your builder. In particular, pay attention to the company’s reputation of paying suppliers on time.

Lastly, given the stresses associated with building, it is best to choose a builder with who you can communicate effectively, especially if issues arise during the construction phase.

To help take much of the guesswork out when sourcing a builder, see below a list of the top home builders in Melbourne.