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Experts Corner

How to select a solar panel installer in Sydney

Due to the rising cost of energy and various government incentives, solar power is one of Australia’s fastest-growing industries.

Nationally, there have been over 2.86 million solar PV installations across Australian households – which equates to around one in every four homes.

According to the Clean Energy Regulator, over 362,000 rooftop solar PV installations occurred in 2020, with 108,922 occurring in New South Wales.

It is estimated the installed capacity of Australian PV is over 22 million kW or 22.3 gigawatts, as of June 2021. This level of growth is extraordinary given that when the Australian PC Institute began collecting data in 2001, it was a mere 422 kW.

While one could argue this growth has been great for the environment and households, the emergence of “cash grab” providers has left some consumers worse off.

Such providers have capitalised on the exponential demand by selling cheap – in some cases even unsafe – products and cutting installation procedures to make a quick and easy profit.

Reports have surfaced noting a lack of after-sales support, poor output, broken inverters and even panels catching fire from such “cash grab” providers.

Over 750 solar installation companies have ceased trading since 2011, leaving thousands of customers out of warranty.

This serves as a reminder to consumers that when selecting an installer, a reputable installer that has the appropriate licenses and accreditations and provides a full-service –  including post-installation – should be chosen.

Additionally, the Clean Energy Council (CEC) suggests using only Approved Solar Retailers.

To assist in making the right decision, see our list of the top solar panel installers in Sydney.