Vicrotian rent providers are now elidgible. Image – Canva
  • Victorian rent providers are now eligible for a rebate program
  • The $1,000 rebates are for investment into energy-efficient air conditioners
  • Community housing and owners-ocupiers are already eligible  

Victorian tenants could save up to $300 on their annual power bills if their rent providers take advantage of a new government rebate and upgrade heating and cooling systems.

Minister for Solar Homes Lily D’Ambrosio announced this morning that rent providers are now eligible to access $1,000 rebates to invest in energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioners.

“Everyone deserves a home where you can keep warm in winter or cool in summer without breaking the bank.”

Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister for Solar Homes

“We’ve heard the message from renters and rental providers loud and clear – that’s why we have expanded access to these rebates,” she said.

The rebate program originally opened in May when only community housing organisations could take advantage of the rebates. It since opened for owner-occupiers in August 2021.

More than 3,300 low-income and vulnerable Victorian have already accessed the rebates and been able to make their homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

To be eligible for the program the property’s occupiers must hold a valid concession card or have a combined household income below $90,000. Alternatively, the rental property must be earning $500 or less or be unoccupied and hold the potential to earn $500 or less in weekly rent.

In addition to the $1000 rebate, a further $200 can be accessed to cap old gas heaters. If needed another $500 rebate is available to upgrade an electrical switchboard.

According to the Victorian government, around 30% of the state’s population rent their homes and just under 80% make less than $90,000 annually. In this cohort, it is reported about 45% battle to meet their energy bills.

“This program will not only help those who would otherwise struggle to afford a new heating and cooling system, it will also help Victoria reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and make our homes more resilient to climate change,” Ms D’Ambrosio said.

Rent providers are able to make applications for two rebates each financial year, although only one rebate is possible for each property.

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