Both regional and metropolitan NSW to benefit from new collaboration. Image – Canva
  • A memorandum of understanding has been signed by the two bodies
  • Social and affordable housing identified as a main target
  • Landcom CEO and NHFIC CEO comment on the collaboration

The National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) and Landcom have set in stone their agreement to work together in addressing housing supply challenges faced by NSW.

The two have done so by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) through which they will collaborate and combine capabilities to identify and unlock housing pilot projects across the state.

Three main targets have been laid out. These include:

  • Fast-tracking additional housing supply in both regional and metropolitan areas
  • Creating deal parameters for a brand new program targeting social and affordable housing
  • Facilitating fund applications under the Affordable Housing Bond Aggregator (AHBA) and the National Housing Infrastructure Facility (NHIF)

Landcom CEO John Brogden said that this MoU would bolster their existing cooperation.

Mr Brogden also believes the MoU would create more certainty for partners in the community housing sector in particular.

“We have a mutual interest in improving the affordability and diversity of housing to meet the needs of communities with differing requirements and income levels,”

John Brogden, Landcom CEO

“The prospect of deeper collaboration to achieve our joint aims is an exciting opportunity which will advance the supply and diversity of housing and the delivery of housing infrastructure throughout both metro and regional NSW,” Mr Brogden commented.

NHFIC CEO Nathan Dal Bon believes the MoU was a natural fit given NHFIC and Landcom’s shared interest in enhancing the supply and affordability of new housing.

“This MoU provides a framework for dialogue and collaboration, so we can focus our efforts on infrastructure projects that will lead to more housing and better housing outcomes,” Mr Dal Bon said.

“A key priority will be to identify opportunities to deliver housing infrastructure and unlock new housing supply in both metropolitan and regional areas, to alleviate affordability challenges,” Mr Dal Bon commented.

“NHFIC will work closely with Landcom, which has strong relationships with NSW councils, to bring forward land that can be used to deliver more affordable housing,” he concluded.

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