Parking strata properties
Parking at strata properties need not become nasty. Image – Stock.
  • Parking is always an issue in Strata properties
  • Rules and Regulations cannot always resolve the issue
  • Act reasonably rather than being aggressive

To help maintain harmony within the complex, proactive measures are always the best solution.

Here are six suggestions on how to manage some of the most common parking problems in strata managed properties:

  1. Parking signs – ensure parking rules are obvious

Signage plays an important role in ensuring everyone is aware of parking rules and allocated visitor parking. It is a good idea to display the maximum period for which a vehicle may be parked on all notices. And failure to comply may lead to fines or the vehicle being towed.

  1. Visitor parking – provide options

If you have clients visiting your premises, show them where the designated visitors’ parking areas are, or make other parking arrangements beforehand. Otherwise, perhaps install a boom gate to control access into the property and allocate a designated visitor bay.

  1. Illegally parked cars – direct communication is key

When someone has parked in another owner’s car space or on common property against parking rules, they are in breach of by-laws and rules, and the matter can be taken to the committee. You should first contact the occupier asking them to move their vehicle but if they refuse or it continues to happen, the committee can serve a Notice to Comply.

  1. By-laws or building rules – clarity is king

The committee may change the by-laws for parking if it is supported by a special resolution of the owner’s corporation. If your by-laws or rules are not clear on parking, a strata committee member can raise a motion to create or modify a by-law which can be voted on at a general meeting or postal ballot of the owner’s corporation.

This is not going to solve the root of the problem, but it will provide greater clarity for occupants of the premises. Lack of understanding of the rules can no longer be relied upon as an excuse.

  1. Parking fines – take further action

In the event of a first-time violation, the strata committee may decide to issue a verbal warning. However, if parking by-laws or the building rules are continuously breached, the committee may decide to take further action such as applying to State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) for the imposition of a civil penalty for breaching the by-law.

  1. Towing a vehicle – If a parked vehicle is obstructing exits

You may contact a towing company to tow an obstructing vehicle away. The owner’s corporation can be held liable for any damage to a vehicle.

In conclusion, parking is always an issue in strata companies.

However, there are certain measures and actions you can take to resolve the issue harmoniously, without causing unnecessary tension with occupants.

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