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There are many new home builders to choose from in Perth. Image – Canva.

Building a new home is a stressful process.

A particularly overwhelming decision can be selecting a builder.

There are a wide variety of builders: some are large volume builders specialising in first home packages while others are more small family-owned that may work on a few homes a year.

Many offer a full service, including design and planning, while others may have specific designs or allow you to bring along a design.

Builders will subcontract trades as required, although some builders may nonetheless complete a substantial part of the build using direct employees.

Generally, there are six phases during the construction process; the slab is laid, frame and roof are constructed, doors, windows and walls are added for lock-up, interior is fitted and finally practical completion. Once the initial deposit is paid, payments will usually be required at each stage.

Many factors should be taken into account when deciding. It is best to source out who is recommended in the area or wish to build in, or who has built houses that you like.

To help narrow down a builder, see below our list of the 25 featured home builders servicing the Perth metropolitan area.

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25 Best New Home Builders in Perth

1. Homebuyers Centre

Homebuyers Centre is an experienced and well-known builder, specialising in affordable house and land packages for first home buyers. Along with construction, Homebuyers offers the full service including the finance and land acquisition hurdles. Since their arrival on the scene in 1991, the company has guided over 40,000 WA clients to owning a home.

2. Hamlen

Hamlen is a locally owned home builder with a focus on quality and innovation. They are always exploring new technologies and materials to stay at the front of the industry. The company Director, Stephen Pelosi, became a registered builder at just 23 and now has over 20 years of experience in property development.

3. Webb & Brown-Neaves

Family-owned and operated, Webb & Brown-Neaves is a luxury home builder who has provided dream homes for their customers for over 40 years. They boast a range of premium standard inclusions and a 25-year structural warranty. The company offers a number of added services such as demolishing of existing property, and finance for the new one.

4. Celebration Homes

Celebration Homes is a home builder that strives to provide a quality service whilst being accessible to everyone. They have been providing a home to celebrate since 2002 and collectively over 10,000 houses have been built in that time. As part of the ABN Group, the company has the experience and the resources to offer an industry-leading product.

5. First Homebuilders

The experts in first-time homeowners, First Homebuilders are an experienced company who provides an affordable home with the quality intact.  As part of the deal, they assist with finding the land and finance for their customers. The company operates in Perth and has amassed over 70 years of combined experience.

6. WOW Homes

WOW Homes is an award-winning builder with combined experience of over 30 years. They are known for their first home package which helps with finance and land acquisition to create a seamless service. With a fast turnaround and real value for money, the company is a popular choice amongst aspiring first homeowners.

7. GO Homes

GO Homes believes your home should fit your lifestyle. They offer a range of modern house designs accompanied by quality and attention to detail. The company provides a Lifetime Structural Warranty to the initial owner as well as fixed price siteworks. GO Homes is part of building company, BGC, and has been for over 20 years.

8. Empire Building Company

Luxury home builder, Empire Building Company, is an award-winning member of the HIA and MBA. Their unique house plans and interior design service are two of the drawcards of their offering. Lead by experienced builder, Andre Malecky, the company prides itself on their flexibility to design a home that suits their customers’ wildest dreams.

9. New Choice Homes

New Choice Homes is a one-stop shop for builders to go from the conception stage to completion. Offering in-house finance solutions, the company keeps their focus solely on the clients. Their affiliation with Spadaccini Homes and AMG Home Builders have over $220 million worth of construction completed. New Choice homes has been a commended builder since 2009.

10. RedInk Homes

RedInk Homes encourages builders to take control and make alterations to their house plans. With finance options included in the design and construction, the company has an all-round service. They have also received a plethora of awards from the HIA and MBA. Since 2006, RedInk has been operating in Perth and the South/Mid-West.

11. Collier Homes

Founded in 1959, Collier Homes is a family-owned and operated business that specialises in custom home builds and small developments. More specifically, the company offer house only, turn-key, house and land, demolish and rebuild home building services.

12. WA Building Company

Backed by the Delstrat Group of Companies, WA Building Company offers a range of house & land packages right across the Perth metropolitan area. Based in Wangara, they target first home buyers including working with low-deposit lenders and government Guarantor loans.

13. Dreamstart Homes

Based in Osborne Park, Dreamstart Homes is part of the SSB Group and specialises in new house and land packages. Since 1992, the Group has built over 21,000 homes across WA and have display homes scattered across the Perth metropolitan area.

14. Zorzi Builders

Founded in 1956, Zorzi is a design and building company that focuses on new homes and commercial constructions. Based in Osbourne Park, the team has more than 400 years of combined building and design experience.

15. Target Homes WA

Target Homes WA is a WA-based boutique home building providing residential construction and renovation services across Perth. Founded in 2016, the management team have over forty years of construction industry experience.

16. Plunkett Homes

Plunkett Homes was founded in 1903 and has been building homes across WA ever since. The first building company to introduce a 20 year structural guarantee in the state, they offer a range of home designs from Federation to Narrow Lot Homes along with house and land packages across Perth.

17. Coast Homes

Formed in 2015, Coast Homes was launched to deliver a fresh approach to custom home building across Perth.  Along with custom home building, the team offer demolish and rebuild, subdivision and end-to-end processes.

18. Endeavour Homes

Based in Osborne Park, Endeavour Homes is a family-owned medium-sized builder servicing the Perth metropolitan area. Established in 2004, has won a string of Housing Industry Association (HIA) awards including Best Home under $250,000.

19. Content Living

Established in 1992, Content Living is a custom home builder offering a range of designs across Perth. They are one of the only Quality Assured builders in Perth, have built tens of thousands of homes, and offer a lifetime guarantee.

20. Move Homes

Founded in 1969, Move Homes is a family-owned builder servicing Perth who currently offer over 70 new home designs. Based in Malaga they have helped construct 15,000 homes across Perth and are part of The Prime Group.

21. Beaumonde Homes

Family-run Beaumonde Homes is a home designer and builder servicing the Perth metropolitan area. Based in Osborne Park, the founder and Managing Director, Elio Galante, has almost half a century’s experience in the housing industry.

22. Aveling Homes

Aveling Homes is a Perth-based building specialising in single-storey and two-storey homes. The team has long-established relationships with some of the largest developers in the state including Satterley, Peet, Stockland, LWP, Mirvac and LendLease.

23. Cassari

Cassari is a luxury home builder servicing the greater Perth area. Based in Subiaco, they have won an accolade of HIA Awards, including Perth Home of the Year and WA Renovation of the Year.

24. Oswald Homes

Oswald Homes is a luxury custom designer and home builder offering their expertise across Perth across a range of styles from Hamptons to Industrial. Established in 1972, Oswald Homes is now the flagship of Julian Walter’s JWH Group.

25. Danmar Homes

Danmar Homes are a family-owned medium size boutique builder servicing the Perth metropolitan area. Founded in 1993, they have been operating for almost three decades and have won various Housing Industry Association awards and pride themselves on being an affordable builder.

1 Homebuyers Centre
2 Hamlen
3 Webb & Brown-Neaves
4 Celebration Homes
5 First Homebuilders
6 WOW Homes
7 GO Homes
8 Empire Building Company
9 New Choice Homes
10 RedInk Homes
11 Collier Homes
12 WA Building Company
13 Dreamstart Homes
14 Zorzi Builders
15 Target Homes WA
16 Plunkett Homes
17 Coast Homes
18 Endeavour Homes
19 Content Living
20 Move Homes
21 Beaumonde Homes
22 Aveling Homes
23 Cassari
24 Oswald Homes
25 Danmar Homes
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