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Data suggests property investors are returning to the market. Image – Canva.
  • Coaching, planning and encouragement all key to accelerating wealth
  • All property investors should seek out an appropriate property mentor
  • Positive attitude is also key

Whilst property investment is enjoying a rekindled interest, especially with the current low-interest rates, high demand and the uncertainty of the world and financial markets, it should be remembered and highlighted that the creation of wealth via property can be accelerated or constrained by the mind-set of the individual.

By this, I mean that just as an Olympian sportsperson has a leading coach to assist the individual to achieve their goals and prepare them physically and mentally to excel, so can an investor.

With a little bit of coaching, planning and encouragement an individuals wealth creation can accelerate.

Seek a mentor

Too many people aim at nothing all their life and have remarkably good accuracy. By aligning yourself with a person who has created wealth and understands the pitfalls and the need for the guidance you can achieve your goals more rapidly.

This could be a friend, family member, real estate professional, accountant or similar type of person who is experienced with property.

It’s always very hard to arrive somewhere without a road map and sitting down and planning your progress with a peer partner, it can prove very fruitful and sometimes the catalyst to achieving goals.

For first-time investors the idea of having encouragement from your peers, to create a positive and meaningful portfolio is something new, however, having someone to share your goals and to help keep you on track, focused and inspired can prove immensely rewarding.

Most importantly the forming of a positive attitude to ensure you succeed is a major ingredient that a lot of investors are missing.

It’s far too easy to listen to the prophets of doom and the tall poppy knockers and do nothing in case you don’t succeed.

But unlike a lot of things in life, the idea of property investment can only achieve better returns for you as time is on your side, so don’t be afraid of getting your toes wet!

Having the right and positive mindset will go a long way to dispel these flaws and self-doubt and sharing with a friend, confident or professional can only magnify your resolve and success.

There is so much help and advice available on the internet, including YouTube.

Ensure you prepare yourself in the best possible way for your new property acquisitions.

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