How to handle the speed wobbles of Australian property

Bushy Martin argues we need JOMO, not FOMO

How should buyers and sellers respond to Australia’s red hot property market?

EXCLUSIVE: Bushy Martin explains what buyers and sellers need to do

Negotiating property: 11. Have alternatives

Bushy Martin provides the final word on the art of negotiation

Negotiating property: 10. It’s not just price

In his penultimate, Bushy Martin talks non-price factors

Negotiating property: 9 The knockout offer

In a sellers’ market, an aggressive move might just work

Negotiating property: 8. Starts at hello

When negotiating, be smart by acting dumb, writes Bushy Martin

Negotiating property: 7. Know these metrics

There are two numbers buyers need to know prior to negotiating

Negotiating property: 6. Cash is king

One way to level the playing field is to get your finance in order

Negotiating property: 5. The Playing Field

The buyer may feel the odds are slanted against them

Negotiating property: 4. Perceived Power

You may have more power in the negotiation than you think