Now is a good time to buy, if you don’t follow the property herd…

Price growth may have softened in some areas, but down’t wait for prices to fall, there’s still plenty of growth set to happen in 2023.

Why investors must charge market value rent

One of the biggest property investment mistakes is failing to increase rents regularly or at least charge market value rent, writes Kate Hill

The great housing affordability debate

To make property investing work for you, it requires access to the right information, as well as discipline and consistent effort

If you leave me, can I come, too?

There is a growing number of people who are separated but continue living under the same roof because of affordability, says Kate Hill

Why waiting for the herd is not a strategy

Procrastinating because you may need some social validation before buying will likely mean that you will miss most of the growth on offer, writes Kate Hill

Why northern Perth has property investment prospects aplenty

Not only is northern Perth seen as the fastest growing in Perth – and the fifth fastest in the nation – the median house price is about $460,000, according to REIWA

Why you must turn that property frown upside down

PIPA survey shows investors optimistic about the year ahead, with 60% of investors believing it is a good time to buy, writes Kate Hill

New data highlights continued gender economic disparity

The recently released Gender Indicators prove that there is still a long way to go to address disparity

Why 2022 is a better property investment year than 2021

The heat has come out of many property markets, which is good for both homebuyers and investors

Don’t let scare-mongering derail your property portfolio

Unfortunately, negative hype and out-and-out scaremongering can easily scare you away from building your property portfolio, writes Kate Hill