Why real estate lags other industries on digital transformation

Lack of resources and resistance to change are holding the sector back, a new study has found

Iris Capital appoints Descon Group for $800M V&A precinct

The twin tower project will be the largest Broadbeach project to be delivered in over a decade

What Is The Most Expensive House In Brisbane?

Weekly asking house prices have increased by $400k since 2015, with a mansion selling for $13 million last year in Hawthorne, highlighting the strong market

Gurner & Qualitas submit plans for $450M Parramatta build-to-rent precinct

The 12 Hassall Street project will be the duo’s first such development in Sydney, and comes as the vacancy rate is below 1%

CFMG Capital expects to raise $40M

The new raise follows the return of $25M to investors over the past year at the targeted rate of return

Rate discounts for less risky borrowers on offer

With interest rates on the rise, borrowers with larger deposits and equity in their homes can access discounted rates

Reserve Bank increases interest rates for fourth consecutive month

As predicted, the RBA has increased the cash rate from 1.35% to 1.85%, a rise of 0.5%

Average variable home loan rates now 4%

This is a level not seen since July 2019 – before the pandemic

What is the Most Expensive House in Sydney?

With two houses selling for over $100 million each over the past decade, Sydney is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the world