McDonalds has over 1,000 restaurants across Australia. Image – Canva.
  • By the end of the year, McDonald's would have opened 19 new restaurants and will reinvest in over 80 others
  • This $130 million investment will create over 4,000 jobs
  • Each McDonalds store adds around $5 million annual to it's catchment's economy

McDonald’s Australia has announced plans to open 19 new restaurants and reinvest in over 80 existing restaurants, equating to a $130 million injection into the economy.

McDonald’s has already opened eight new restaurants in NSW, Queensland and Tasmania this year, with the balance to open before the end of the year.

The refurbishments will enhance the efficiency and functionality of the drive-thru, McDelivery and restaurant dining rooms, to improve the customer experience.

The combined investments will facilitate the creation of over 4,000 jobs across both construction and operational roles this year alone.

“Every new restaurant injects approximately $5 million into the local economy and creates 100 jobs during construction and a further 120 jobs once the restaurant is operational,” said David Howse, Chief Support Officer at McDonald’s Australia.

“We are focused on opening new restaurants in residential growth corridors that are close to transport and infrastructure in both metro and regional locations.

“Most new restaurants will feature a McCafe, digital ordering kiosks, dual lane drive-thru and McDelivery partner rooms, allowing customers to continue enjoying Macca’s how and when they like.

“We are also working to reduce our environmental impact in new restaurants through using LED lighting, solar panels, heat recovery water systems and recycled content for wheel stops and dining room tiles.

“The restaurants we have opened to date have received an extremely positive response from the local community, which makes us excited for our plans to continue to invest across the country.”

History of McDonalds in Australia

McDonald’s employs over 110,000 Australians, with 2 million customers per day. This is around 7.7% of the population, or the equivalent of everyone in Perth visiting a McDonald’s daily.

The first restaurants was opened in Yagoona, Sydney, in 1971. There are over 1,020 restaurants nationally, with 85% franchised and run by local businessmen and women.

The company is responsible for the creation of around 3,000 new jobs each year and spends over $40 million on training and people development.

State Number of restaurants
NSW 330
VIC 260
QLD 230
WA 97
SA 60
ACT 20
TAS 17
NT 10
TOTAL 1,024

Source – McDonalds

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