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Nest, on level 23, is a major drawcard for tenants and employees. Image supplied.
  • Occupancy rate has increased from 17% to 35% over the past month
  • The $1.4 billion tower is now 95% leased
  • Nest, a wellness centre, has attracted employees back to the tower

With office workers in Sydney returning to the office, Winten Property Group has not shied away from investing heavily into its amenities and services.

While 1 Denison, the largest commercial asset in North Sydney, recorded a 17% occupancy rate last month, it has since increased to 35% and is enjoying a rapid rise.

A new recent lease included Spaces, a co-working business, that has secured over 3,550sqm across levels 16-17 for 12 years.

This means the $1.4 billion tower is now 95% fully leased and upon being fully occupied will accommodate about 6,000 employees.

Holistic amenities to lure workers back

Facade - Twilight Cropped Fina
The tower has 37 levels, and is positioned near rail, road and ferry access in North Sydney. Image supplied.

So, how do employers intend on getting workers back into office, even if under a hybrid model?

1 Denison now includes a unique holistic wellness amenity, Nest, located on level 23. Designed by Siren Design Group it spans 365.5 sqm, and was designed by Bates Smart.

“Nest in 1 Denison represents a brave shift by including the wellness centre in a prime position within the building,” said Mia Feasey, CEO at Siren Design Group.

“A space with a focus on natural light, greenery, views and a more human-centric approach.

“Nest’s design was inspired by the desire to create unexpected delights through enticing the five senses. A place where you can truly escape from the busy office environment and be able to harness that inner peace and mindfulness, we all thrive on.”

Mia Feasey, Siren Design Group CEO

On top of this, Winten has introduced free classes – ranging from Pilate Reformer to Yoga to Ballet Barre and Bootcamp – along with gap-free massages and chiropractor services in what it describes as its “welcome back investment.”

“We are committed to making the transition back into the workplace as smooth as possible. Providing free services in Nest is part of our responsibility to employee wellbeing,” commented Stuart Vaughan, development director for Winten Property Group.

“There is nothing comparable to Nest in a commercial office asset. This space is helping to engage and invigorate employees that work at 1 Denison, whilst simultaneously maximising their workday from the office.

“The space offers a sanctuary as much as it does convenience with resident medical practitioners, mindfulness zones, exercise classes and educational seminars all on offer.”

Already, companies such as Microsoft, SAP and Qualtrics are progressively moving back into 1 Denison.

SVP & Head of SuccessFactors SAP Asia Pacific & Japan, Aaron, Green, added that the wellness centre is “completely unparalleled” across the corporate world, and provides an oasis for their employees.

“Nest has surpassed our expectations and been a key driver in our return to the workplace. SAP has embraced flex work, with many selecting their ‘office days’ around the events and exercise classes in Nest.” 

Aaron Green, SVP & Head of SuccessFactors SAP Asia Pacific & Japan

“Amenities such as Nest and tools like the 1 Denison mobile app help create a culture and community around wellbeing that have a real impact on productivity in the workplace and foster connectivity and collaboration.”

Winten Property Group is one of Australia largest premier property development companies, with $3.2 billion in projects presently underway.

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