A significant portion of Australians are keen to move. Image – Canva
  • As lockdowns persist, many Australians say they would relocate if it wasn't for work
  • Almost half would not move if given the opportunity to work from anywhere
  • More would move within Australia than internationally

If Australians could suddenly work from anywhere one-third would relocate, a new survey from Finder has revealed.

Sarah Megginson, a home loans expert at Finder, believes millions of Australians are keen to make their out-of-office status permanent.

“Where people live has typically determined their place of employment, but that’s changing.

Finder Survey Results

finder -WFH-relocate
Source – Finder survey of 678 workers September 2021

As millions of Australians endure extended lockdowns, many are becoming comfortable with a ‘work from home’ routine.

Ms Megginson believes the new mainstream status of remote working is allowing many people to think outside the box.

“The once longed-for ‘tree change’ and ‘sea change’ is becoming a reality for those who are re-evaluating where they want to call home,” 

Sarah Megginson, Finder Home Loans Expert

One in four would move elsewhere within Australia if they could work from anywhere, while one in ten would relocate overseas.

New South Wales would witness the greatest exodus with 40% of respondents from the locked-down state saying they would move.

Similarly, 37% of Victorians would take the opportunity to relocate.

“Not surprisingly, the two states hit hardest by lockdowns are the ones questioning where they call home,” concluded Ms Megginson.

Moving regional

It is clear those who can work remotely would consider regional areas.

The Commonwealth Bank (CBA) and the Regional Australia Institute recently released data showing an 11% increase in Australians moving from the capital cities to regional centres during the June 2021 quarter compared to the same period in 2020.

Subsequently, prices are increasing – take the Wollongong region, for example, where weekly asking prices have increased by over 20% in the past year alone.

Wollongong Region

This has prompted calls from many, such as the REIA, to address the chronic shortage of housing stock throughout regional Australia.

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