Helping the outback tourist trade roar back to life. Photo – Canva.
  • Queensland has "multiple" dinosaur-related attractions, accounting for 11% of all tourism
  • A recovery roadmap has been launched that charts the comeback of the industry
  • $500K will be spent over three years, with local operators, to boost this growing area

Did you know outback Queensland has “multiple” dinosaur-related attractions, which account for 11% of all tourism – or 122,000 visitors a year? No, neither did I.

Well, the Palaszczuk Government is stumping up close to half a million dollars to make this niche sector roar back to life.

As part of the state’s recovery (from Covid) plan, a roadmap has been launched that charts the comeback of the tourism industry in the Sunshine State.

The Premier said outback Queensland has a rich history of fossils and palaeontology which has spurred the development of numerous attractions in the region over the years.

“Outback Queensland is one of the best places in the world to have a dinosaur experience.” 

“Some of Australia’s most significant dinosaur discoveries have been made in Queensland in recent years.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Premier

“We want to capitalise on [the] demand for unique tourism experiences in the future – that’s what our roadmap will help us achieve.

“We’ll work with the tourism industry to develop a strategy to promote the outback as the world’s leading destination for dinosaur tourism,” she said at the launch.

Before Covid hit, tourism contributed $467 million to Outback Queensland’s economy, and supported 9.4% of all jobs, said Queensland Tourism Minister Stirling Hincliffe.

“Add to this that due to the remote location of most dinosaur attractions, visitors often visit several communities when on an Outback Queensland trip, particularly if they are on a drive holiday.

“By capitalising on this opportunity, we expect to grow tourism demand and see visitation increase, directly benefiting Outback Queensland tourism and the many communities encompassed by the region,” he said.

There’s even a website – OutbackQueensland.com – where you can drive the dinosaur trail. One such 5-day drive takes the visitor through a 735 kilometre route including the Lark Quarry dinosaur trackways, the actual tracks that inspired the Stephen Spielberg Jurassic Park movies.

The world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils is stored in the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum in Corfield. Along the way, you can get up close and personal with ‘Hughie’, a seven metre-tall Muttaburrasaurus, and ‘Penny’, the Richmond Pilosaur, Australia’s most complete marine vertebrate specimen.

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