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No Aussie cities make the top ten, despite appearances in similar lists. Image – Canva.
  • A few months ago, The Economist had four Australian cities among the top ten globally
  • The new Resonance list, which uses 24-factors as a benchmark, ranks no Aussie cities in the top 10
  • All five Australian cities with more than a million people, however, feature in the Top 100

No Australian cities are among the top ten best cities, according to the recently released ‘World’s Best Cities Report’.

This comes as a surprise given a few months ago The Economist released its highly anticipated ‘Global Liveability Ranking’ which featured not just one but four in the top ten.

In that list, Adelaide was in third place, Perth sixth and Melbourne – who has been in top spot for seven years – was eighth with Brisbane in tenth. Sydney was among the top twenty, having dropped out of the top ten due to housing affordability constraints.

In the newly published report by Resonance Consultancy, several metrics were used to create a 24-factor benchmark.

This included relative quality, reputation and competitive identity for cities with million-plus metropolitan populations. It also included the city’s ability to attract employment, investment or/and visitor to cities.

Along with the methodology, the ranking took into account user-generated reviews and online activity in channels such as Google, Facebook and Instagram.

“The World’s Best Cities rankings benchmark the overall performance of more than 400 cities around the world based on a wide variety of measures in order to identify the top 100 places to live, visit and invest,” said Resonance President & CEO Chris Fair.

“The data collected for this year’s rankings provides a snapshot of which cities are best positioned to recover, and even thrive, in the years ahead.”

The World’s Best Cities 2021

    1. 1. London, England
    1. 2. Paris, France
    1. 3. New York City, USA
    1. 4. Moscow, Russia
    1. 5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    1. 6. Tokyo, Japan
    1. 7. Singapore, Republic of Singapore
    1. 8. Los Angeles, USA
    1. 9. Barcelona, Spain
    1. 10. Madrid, Spain
London topped the list as the world’s best city. Image – Canva

So where the b#$%dy hell are the Australians?

All five Australian cities home to a million-plus do feature among the top 100 – just not in the top ten.

Sydney is 19th placed, with the report noting that “friendly, warm, young and rich, Sydney is a beauty with a growing line of suitors.”

Notably, the report hints that if Sydney wasn’t “so (relatively) isolated” it could be challenging Paris and London in terms of visitor number supremacy.

“It’s the laid-back, safe and sunny manifestation of the good life,” the report said.

Melbourne is placed 30th describing the city as “cool, confident and never too eager to give up its secrets, Melbourne rewards citizens and curious, patient visitors.”

“While Sydney is known for its laid-back vibe and breezy style, Melbourne goes for edgy aesthetics and urban panache,” the report said.

“For proof, explore a multitude of tiny alleys, where the city’s spray-can artists turn dreary walls into colourful canvases. You might stumble upon a laneway, those locally loved narrow passageways open only to pedestrian traffic, with a charming little bar or an award-winning restaurant. “

Brisbane is 61st – “rugged and cultured, Australia’s capital of Queensland does it in balance.”

“And why did more than 30,000 Australians move here in the past year? The short answer is … it’s riding the wave of demand for secondary cities post-pandemic, powered by new talent that’s confident working remotely and wants affordability, lifestyle and sophistication without big city price tags and drama.”

Perth is 71st, and is described by the report as “ a beautiful and wealthy city of more than two million awaits on a far-flung coast of Australia” with Adelaide (89th) described as “alive with the energy of a diverse population and a dynamic music scene, Adelaide (literally) sings.”

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