Barry Plant CEO held captive on a Ferris wheel for charity. Source: Canva
  • On Friday Barry Plant Real Estate's CEO was "held for ransom" on a Ferris wheel
  • This was in a bid to raise funds for the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
  • The CEO and fellow captives exceeded their goal of $5,000 in 30 minutes

The Barry Plant Real Estate CEO, Mike McCarthy was “held for ransom” on a Ferris wheel on Friday as a part of a fundraising appeal for the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

The CEO was held on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel alongside several directors and executives at the company.

The team raised has raised more than $15,800 so far, smashing their goal of $5,000 in 30 minutes.

The CEO and directors were held captive on Friday. Source: Barry Plant Real Estate, Facebook.

“It’s such an important cause and we know that members of our Barry Plant family have reason to be grateful for the services of the Royal Children’s Hospital, so it’s a cause we can really relate to,”

Mike McCarthy

“What a great cause, and what an inspired way to raise funds, Neil Mitchell, 3AW and Melbourne Star have done a great job pulling this together.”

“Thank you to everyone who donates to this appeal.  The work they do at the Royal Children’s Hospital is inspiring.”

Funds raised by this event will help fund the purchase of a new ultrasound machine. The machine will assist more than 250 patients each week with better quality imaging.

Donations are still open with a new target of $10,000 having been set.

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