Cemetery House
“Cemetery House” in Maryland, US. Photo – Motovo.com
  • It’s creepy and it’s kooky, mysterious and spooky, the cemetery house
  • Offered for sale at US$245,000, a 1 bed, 1 bathroom in Brooklyn Park, Maryland
  • If you want it, you’re too late, it sold after 51 days on the market on 18 May

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, the renovators of one of the weirdest properties on the market are certainly mysterious and spooky.

The 3-level cemetery house at 228 Townsend Avenue, Brooklyn Park, in the mid-Atlantic state of Maryland was recently sold after 51 days on the market.

Cemetery House
Coffin in the lounge, Of course. Photo – Motovo.com

The 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom house is a gothic’s dream. Completely done out in black and white, with a coffin in the living room – naturally – and an even creepier basement.

Cemetery House in Maryland, US.
Basement anyone? Photo – Motovo.com

Outside, a big ‘Cemetery’ notice, iron gates and an RIP tombstone are placed alongside more tombstones in the spacious backyard.

Cemetery House
Tombstones in the backyard. Photo – Motovo.com

Did someone go overboard for Hallowe’en and then think, ‘Agh well, let’s keep it all up then?’, or is this just a new look, with specific tastes?

Cemetery House
The less said about this, the better. Photo – Motovo.com

It only takes one person to buy a property, after all. To each, their own.

On the market for US$245,000 (A$319,500), the advertising material put a distinct spin on the place calling it a “rare kind of home”.

Cemetery House
Photo – Motovo.com

Careful, it has its own fire pit, a privacy fence and eight security cameras.

“Make this dream your home!” the listing description ends … let‘s hope it’s not a nightmare for the new owners.

Cemetery House
Photo – Motovo.com
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