Mannequins arranged in the front room of 3695 Primrose Road, South Lake Tahoe, Ca. Source:
  • Lake Tahoe property for sale, without mannequins
  • 5 bedroom 3 bathroom home is well priced for the area
  • After 83 days on market, still no sale however

The 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom house at 3695 Primrose Road, South Lake Tahoe, California looks a bit dishevelled. It’s seen better days, one might think.

Click through the first ten photos or so on its listing, and the place could certainly do with a tidy up…

Mannequins house

The front of the place, with cars parked out in the snow, looks appealing enough. ‘Amateurs’, you think to yourself, as you peruse the messy front room, leading to the kitchen area.

Keep clicking through though, and then it hits you.

Or rather, they hit you.

Weirdly arranged female mannequin dolls, in full evening wear, are dotted around the living room. Odd.

Mannequins house

Distinctly odd.

Offered for sale at US$675,000, this 2,116 square foot (196 sqm) property was built in 1962 – it doesn’t look like much has changed since then, to be honest – and has one car bay.

According to the online advertisement, the property is “centrally located and close to casinos” (good to know), beaches, skiing, shopping and the only cinema in town (which has been a bit quiet recently, one would imagine).

It is in fact two properties, potentially, with a 2 bed 1 bathroom unit downstairs and a 3 bed 2 bathroom upstairs.

Mannequins house

“Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!” screams the ad listing “… property to be sold as is.”

You mean the mannequins come with? Not sure about that.

According to the site, the property has been on the market for 83 days and is quite a steal. 4 bedroom properties in Lake Tahoe – a popular holidaying centre – go for well over US$1.2 million.

Mannequins house

Apparently, the ‘weird mannequin house’ has gone viral, as they say, chalking up hundreds of thousands of views on No sale, yet though, but loads of interest.

The property is for sale through local real estate agent Jesse Yohnka of Deb Howard & Co.

Apparently, the owner – Oscar Tapia – has been collecting mannequins for more than 20 years. He has more than 150 of them… the rest are stored in the attic.

And no, the mannequins don’t come with the property. Mr Tapia will be taking all of them with him, to his next property. When he has a sale, of course.

The selling agent has even made a feature out of the mannequins. Well, who wouldn’t?

Call Jesse
Source: Facebook

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