The Schitt$ Creek motel
The Schitt$ Creek motel is for sale near Toronto. Image – CBS.
  • Now you can own the motel that acted as a backdrop to the Schitt$ Creek sitcom
  • Sitting on 6.7 acres with 10 rooms and a manager's cottage, offered for C$2M
  • The mansion from the opening scene is still for sale, at C$19.88M

Last month, we reported that the Palace of Versailles inspired Toronto mansion from the opening scene of the CBS sitcom Schitt$ Creek was for sale. It still is, and will now set you back C$19.88 million (… interestingly, that’s up from C$14.88 million previously.)

Fans of the show may find that a bit pricey, so how about buying the whole motel, the one that acted as the backdrop to the entire six series?

The Schitt$ Creek motel
The Hockley Motel frontage. Photo – Colliers.

That is now for sale as well, for a relative steal at C$2 million (which, in your Australian money is about the same, A$2.097 million).

The listing sits with the Colliers real estate agency in Canada, and its actual name is the Hockley Motel (not Rosebud, as in the series). Situated on 6.7 acres of land, and with a “highly desirable fishing river” nearby (where you can catch rainbow trout and salmon apparently), the property is not currently in operation.

An hour and a half outside Toronto, the motel has become a pilgrimage for fans of the show. It’s definitely a fixer-upper, with the new owner, as the real estate listing says, having the opportunity to “create something special” on the site.

The Schitt$ Creek motel
The Hockley Motel is an hour or so from Toronto. Photo – Colliers.

The property comes with 10 rooms, including a 2-storey manager’s suite and separate cottage. Although none of the interiors were used in the filming of the sitcom, the exterior was.

Perhaps the new owner can do up the rooms and charge people extra for staying where Moira had one of her wig-infused meltdowns or David had another panic attack?

The Schitt$ Creek motel
Part of the manager’s cottage. Photo – Colliers.

For those of you who have no idea what any of that means, the Canadian sitcom was one of the lockdown breakout Netflix success stories of 2020 (the original show first aired on CBC in 2015.)

Starring Canadian comic actors (and co-creator) Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara (who played Moira), it featured Eugene’s own son Dan playing his son David in the series and Annie Murphy playing daughter Alexis.

The jokes flow from the ‘fish out of water’ situations of a once hyper-rich family suddenly losing it all and having to move to a backwater rural town, which is the only asset they are allowed to keep after their business sinks.

They are then forced to live in a rather seedy motel, and plan their come back. In last year’s Emmy’s, the show walked off with nine awards for its sixth and final season.


Listing Address: 308399 Hockley Road, Mono, Ontario, Canada. Selling Agents: Colliers Canada.

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