From cleaning fees to moving services, the costs of moving houses can add up fast. Image – Canva
  • The average fixed rate for a local move can range from $400 to $950 depending to the house size.
  • Distance, storage, transferring utilities and cleaning services will add to the cost of moving houses.
  • Savvy movers will find that there are many opportunities to cut costs in the moving process, read on...

Whether you are upsizing, downsizing or simply having a change of circumstances, almost everyone faces the challenge of moving houses at some point in their lives.

It can be an overwhelming time so it is helpful to know what to expect before you pack up and move.

Cost of moving possessions

The cost of moving possessions is likely to be the biggest cost associated with any house move. Costs can fluctuate depending on how many bedrooms and storeys homes are, how far the move is, the distance from truck access to the door, the day of the week, and the services utilised.

Potential movers should consider which services they would like to take advantage of when moving house. Modern removalists often offer much more than just moving boxes and furniture.

Additional services might include supplying packing materials such as boxes and tape, carefully packing and unpacking your things, storage, moving insurance, cleaning, pet transfer and vehicle transport.

Transporting furry friends will add to the expenses of moving houses. Image – Canva

Choosing to utilise these services might make the move more convenient, but can push the costs of moving upwards.

According to the latest analysis from removalist comparison company Sirelo, the average fixed rate for a local move can range from $400 to $950.

Size of Household

Average Fixed Rate

One Bedroom


Two Bedroom


Three Bedroom


Four Bedroom


Please note these figures reflect average removalist costs over short distances. Moves to other cities or interstate will be significantly higher as you will pay for shipping.

The penny-pinching mover may consider cutting costs by self-moving and only hiring a removalist for the bulky items, enlisting the help of friends and family, or selling unwanted belongings and repurchasing if moving interstate.

Other money-saving ideas might be to move in off-peak times, declutter before the move and source your own moving materials.


Many movers will find themselves in need of storage facilities, should their new home be unavailable when they move out of the old place.

Storage will vary depending on how much space is needed and where in Australia possessions are kept.

Storage for a 2 – 3 bedroom home can cost up to $700 a month, with prices starting out around $200.

It’s worth adding the value of your furniture and belongings, and comparing it with a few months’ storage. You don’t want to pay for it all twice!

Storing only irreplaceable items will save you money. IMAGE Freepik
Storing only irreplaceable items will save you money. IMAGE Freepik

Transferring utilities

Changing utilities to a new address might be among the more mundane tasks when it comes to moving house, but it is necessary nonetheless.

The cost of switching utilities will vary depending on what needs to be moved and on the processes of each provider. Transferring utilities like water, electricity, gas, and internet to a new home can cost a couple of hundred dollars all up.

Savvy movers might take this opportunity to try to negotiate a better deal on utilities.

Cleaning services

Whether it is moving out of a rental property and a deep clean is in the rental agreement or moving into a less-than-sparking new home, movers often need to enlist the help of professional cleaners.

A once-off cleaning fee will cost anywhere between $150 to $450 depending on the size of the home.

For the thrifty movers, cleaning the home yourself could be a money-saving opportunity.

If you’re renting, consider how much bond you will get back if you leave the place better than it was when you moved in. Maybe a professional ‘End of Lease clean’ is worth the investment.

Deep cleaning can cost movers up to $450. Image – Canva

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