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  • Kitchens are the most renovated rooms in Australia
  • Most homeowners spend about $20,000 for a standard kitchen renovation
  • A kitchen designer has provided the five essential factors one needs to take into account when renovating a kitchen

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular home improvement tasks. In fact, a survey conducted by leading home renovation and design platform Houzz found that kitchens are the most renovated rooms in Australian houses.

Such a renovation can significantly increase the value of your home. Experts generally agree no more than 10% of a property’s value should be spent on a cosmetic renovation, with no more than 2% being spent on a kitchen renovation.

So, theoretically, for a $1 million home, no more than $20,000 should be spent on a renovated kitchen.

Kitchen renovations can be highly complex, thanks to multiple stages and tradespeople involved, making them very expensive.

Most homeowners typically spend around $20,000 on renovating a medium to larger kitchen. A budget of $5,000 can be spent, however, this would only facilitate a cosmetic makeover. Upwards of $45,000 could be spent on a much more customised kitchen.

How much does it cost to renovate a small kitchen?

A small kitchen renovation, on a budget, can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. For this entry-level budget, the cabinetry can be resurfaced or existing cabinetry can be replaced with a flat pack laminate finish, a tile splashback and a laminate benchtop.

In terms of kitchen flooring, this can be replaced with vinyl and laminate coverings. Entry level appliance brands can be installed too. Local handymen and individual tradespeople can be used for these tasks.

Notably, this budget is not sufficient enough in most cases to change the fundamentals of a kitchen, such as moving sinks for example.

How much does It cost to renovate a standard kitchen?

A standard kitchen renovation typically costs in the vicinity of $15,000 to $40,000. The median cost is around $20,000.

For this budget, the renovation can include engineered stone benchtops, polyurethane cabinetry and a glass splashback. Flooring options can include hardwood timber or large format tiles. Mid-range appliances from the big brands can be installed too, along with a greater range of finishes compared to an entry-level budget.

This budget can also allow for a dedicated kitchen builder.

How much does a premium or luxury kitchen renovation cost?

A premium or luxury kitchen renovation can cost upwards of $45,000-plus. For this range, you can choose premium engineered stone or natural stone benchtops, polyurethane fronted cabinet or glass tile splashback.

In terms of appliances, this budget should suffice for premium appliances, such as ovens with a range of cooking programs, internet connected fridges and freezers along with natural hardwood floor or premium tiles.

How do styles, fixtures and fittings influence the cost of a kitchen renovation?

As discussed above, the type of fixtures, fittings and materials chosen for a kitchen renovation can have a significant impact in your budget.

Ovens can vary from $380 for an entry model, to $2000-plus for a premium model. A dishwasher can range from $400 to $1,400, and even a kitchen sink can vary from $200 to $1,400.

Oven prices can vary considerably. Image – Canva.

Don’t be afraid to create a spreadsheet or estimating software to control your costs and create several scenarios. Perhaps you are happy with a basic sink, but want a premium over.

Which tradies do I need for a kitchen renovation?

Given the complexity of a kitchen renovation, various tradespeople are needed. A dedicated kitchen builder is ideal to being with, given they can manage the whole process of sourcing individual tradespeople.

This is ideal if you want a highly customised kitchen and less concerned about budget and time poor.

The downside is that this is likely to cost more. The kitchen builder would in most cases use sub contractors, such as electricians and plumbers, so you have no control over what prices they charge.

Otherwise you can source individual trades. This would take more time but if doing a basic cosmetic kitchen renovation, only a few tradies would be required.

How much do tradies cost for a kitchen renovation?

Plumber can charge from $80 per hour. Image – Canva.

In terms of labour costs, expect to pay for the following, depending on the scale of your kitchen renovation.

  • A carpenter or cabinet maker can charge $50-plus per hour
  • An electrician to wire or connect lighting and appliances can cost from $75-plus per hour
  • A plumber to connect tapware, sinks, appliances who cost from $80-plus per hour
  • A tiler to install a splashback and flooring can cost from $45-plus per hour
  • A painter who can put finishing touches to the room, can cost $42-plus per hour

Of course, given the labour shortage and very low unemployment, it is likely hourly rates are higher than listed above.

Peter Gasparic, Kitchen Designer and Sales at 4Kitchens, told The Property Tribune the top five factors a homeowner or investor should take into account when renovating a kitchen.

  1. Existing measurements
  2. Existing plumbing areas
  3. Style of kitchen
  4. Splashback and benchtops
  5. Timeframe for the job

Five factors to take into consideration when renovating a kitchen

1. Existing measurements

Firstly, existing measurements need to be taken into account.

“Where we would like to place a new kitchen is the first step where we will start. Do we have any windows in the kitchen?” said Mr Gasparic.

2. Existing plumbing areas

Next are existing plumbing areas.

“Very Important information is where is the existing plumbing area for the water, one sink, Double sink, sink including the drainer, do we need a space for a dishwasher, do we will use gas or electric cooktop, freestanding or integrated oven,” he said.

“If will be integrated, can we place oven under the cooktop or they prefer to split oven and cooktop and place oven in to a tower box, rangehood with the extraction or do we need to use a carbon filter, size of the fridge sometimes we need a water connection for the fridge as well.”

3. Style of kitchen

What style of kitchen you wish to have is another vital factor to take into account.

“Something modern with the minimalistic look, without handles, shark nose, touch opening or do they prefer something traditional with the shaker doors, maybe retro style, combinations of traditional and modern, 2pac painted or laminated, wooden look, satin or glossy,” noted Mr Gasparic.

4. Splashback and benchtops

There are many choices regarding splashbacks and benchtops ranging from glass to stone, lamianted and tiles. Along with your style preference, this decision will also be influenced by your budget.

“We have a lot of different choices for the splashbacks and benchtops, from Granite natural materials, artificial stone or laminated tops,” said Mr Gasparic.

“There is different thickness as well from 16mm, 20mm, 35mm, 40mm or even thicker.”

5. Timeframe

Lastly, timeframe is a major factor, in particular what time frame do you have.

“Timeframe when the job needs to happen and most important is the budget they want to spent for the kitchen renovation,” he said.

Perhaps you have purchased a new home or an investment property and you wish to get the kitchen done as soon as possible. This would most likely mean higher costs to ensure materials and labour with little lead time.


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