ASX Wrap: Happy Financial New Year

IAP security holders voted in favour of the Charter Hall PGGM acquisition and the partial Collimate sale to Dexus expected to wrap up in September

Openn Negotiation announces BeachMLS pilot program

The company’s sixth pilot in North America will see OPN have exposure to the south east Florida market

Charter Hall valuations up over $100M each

CQE, CQR, and CLW valuations have seen a combined valuations increase of over $400M

Dexus Industria REIT and Dexus Convenience Retail REIT Valuations

Both companies valuations saw uplifts between $11M and $14M, with DXI recording a $26M uplift if excluding stamp duty

Today in A-REIT: 21 June 2022

The market closed up 90.40 points or 1.41% at 6,523.80

Openn Negotiation planning three more pilots in North America

The company is currently running pilots in Canada, North Carolina, and Northern California and the Bay Area

SCA Property to acquire $180M portfolio from Centuria’s Primewest subsidiary

The move sees SCP acquire five shopping centres in SA. QLD, and WA from Primewest

End of week ASX wrap up 17 June: Dives, dividends, and disposals

The ASX200 closed today at 6,474.80 points, down 116.30 points to 1.76%

Arena REIT expects $102 million valuation uplift

The valuation uplift was driven by early learning centres, with $93 million coming from the portfolio

$209M in valuation gains for HomeCo Daily Needs REIT

Highly defensive property continues to be a boon for HomeCo Daily Needs as the company looks down the barrel of several developments