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  • Residential lots located in South East Queensland
  • Almost 50,000 lots to date, located across the region
  • Large amounts of infrastructure funding directed to outside Greater Brisbane

As Queensland continues to grapple with a booming building industry, material and trade shortages, and record interstate migration, the state has released almost 50,000 residential lots in South East Queensland.

The land was made possible following the creation of the Growth Areas Team, with lots located in Caloundra South, Caboolture West, Southern Redland Bay, Ripley Valley, Bahr’s Scrub, Greater Flagstone, and Yarrabilba.

“This is targeted investment in catalytic infrastructure like key road and water projects in booming communities such as Greater Flagstone and Ripley Valley and priority growth areas like Southern Redland Bay and Caboolture West.”

Steven Miles, Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development

He said that some areas are expected to grow exponentially, “Greater Flagstone and Ripley Valley are both expected to be home to around 120,000 people so it’s important we have the right infrastructure in place to support that growth.”

“This growth is being supported with around 60% of this year’s $14.7 billion infrastructure allocation to be spent outside Greater Brisbane in one of the largest capital programs in recent years and will directly support around 46,500 jobs including close to 30,000 jobs in the regions,” he said.

Some 3,000 lots were released in Caloundra South, and Caboolture West, 5,000 lots in Southern Redland Bay, 5,600 in Ripley Valley, 1,700 in Bahr’s Scrub, 27,000 in Greater Flagstone, and 2,000 in Yarrabilba.

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