The least pet-friendly suburbs
Australia’s least pet friendly suburbs revealed. Image: Pexels.
  • Study reveals the hardest suburbs for renters with pets to secure a rental property in Australia
  • South Australia the worst state to try and rent with a pet
  • Victoria was found to be one of the better states for owning a pet and renting

The rental crisis is being amplified for those who need both an affordable place to live and a place to raise a fur baby.

Pets have been found to be beneficial for both personal and community health, creating a positive environment that can also make apartment living more desirable.

Owning your own fur baby has also become gradually easier of the years, particularly across Covid, with pet sales soaring throughout lockdowns. Despite the growing leniency, many renters remain worried about pet ownership, with some simply hiding them from landlords.

In actual fact, experts say pet ownership should be a green light for most landlords looking to find the best tenants, say experts.

So if you’re looking to raise your own dog or cat, which suburbs should you avoid?

Suburbtrends has analysed rental listings across the country over the past three months to determine the worst suburbs in Australia to rent and own a pet.

The study excludes suburbs with fewer than 25 listings, and take into account listings that advertise as “no pets allowed”. The rankings also take into account the rental vacancy rate and the percentage of rent increase in the past year.

The company analysed nearly 300,000 rental listings between 27/11/2022 and 12/2/2023. The keywords ‘no-pets’ or ‘no-pets-allowed’ were considered, whittling the list down to 19,424 rentals.

10 worst places to rent and own a pet in Australia

  1. Oaklands Park, South Australia, 5046
  2. Beresford, Western Australia, 6530
  3. Nuriootpa, South Australia, 5355
  4. Batemans Bay, New South Wales, 2536
  5. Glenelg, South Australia, 5045
  6. Newton, South Australia, 5074
  7. New Port, South Australia, 5015
  8. Lithgow, New South Wales, 2790
  9. Lambton, New South Wales, 2299
  10. Semaphore Park, South Australia, 5019

10 worst places to rent and own a pet in Western Australia

  1. Beresford, 6530
  2. Margaret River, 6285
  3. Ardross, 6153
  4. Shoalwater, 6169
  5. Maylands, 6051
  6. Joondalup, 6027
  7. Jindalee, 6036
  8. Harrisdale, 6112
  9. Bunbury, 6230
  10. Noranda, 6062

10 worst places to rent and own a pet in South Australia

  1. Oaklands Park, 5046
  2. Nuriootpa, 5355
  3. Glenelg, 5045
  4. Newton, 5074
  5. New Port, 5015
  6. Semaphore Park, 5019
  7. Glenside, 5065
  8. Brooklyn Park, 5032
  9. Henley Beach, 5022
  10. Glenelg East, 5045

10 worst places to rent and own a pet in Queensland

  1. Palm Cove, 4879
  2. Bowen, 4805
  3. Main Beach, 4217
  4. Mackay, 4740
  5. East Mackay, 4740
  6. Buddina, 4575
  7. Scarness, 4655
  8. Sippy Downs, 4556
  9. Springfield, 4300
  10. Mout Pleasant, 4740

10 worst places to rent and own a pet in Tasmania

  1. Wynyard, 7325
  2. Devonport, 7310
  3. Sorell, 7172
  4. West Moonah, 7009
  5. Mount Stuart, 7000
  6. Sandy Bay, 7005
  7. Claremont, 7011
  8. Battery Point, 7004
  9. West Hobart, 7000
  10. Hobart, 7000

10 worst places to rent and own a pet in New South Wales

  1. Batemans Bay, 2536
  2. Lithgow, 2790
  3. Lambton, 2299
  4. Ocean Shores, 2483
  5. Hamilton South, 2303
  6. Shortland, 2307
  7. Sawtell, 2452
  8. Eden, 2551
  9. Unanderra, 2526
  10. Bathurst, 2795

Tough in South Australia

Suburbtrends founder, Kent Lardner, said: “The study highlights the difficulties of renting with pets in Australia, particularly in states such as South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania, where the total percentage of rentals advertised as “no-pets” or “no-pets-allowed” was the highest”.

Kent Lardner is the founder of Suburbtrends. Image: Supplied.

He said that many suburbs in South Australia have vacancy rates of less than 1%, rents increasing at 10% or more, and more than 50% of advertised rentals prohibiting pets.

According to Mr Lardner, many South Australian renters with pets may envy those residing in Victoria, the only state where renters with pets are not severely affected.

“The rankings reveal the alarming difficulties renters with pets face across Australia, with many likely to be forced out into more pet-friendly areas.”

The full details

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