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Sydney property market predictions: How will the next six months play out?

Elevated demand is expected to continue, with migration, and a weak dollar among the drivers.

Australia’s top four regional property markets in 2023

Two WA and two Queensland regions were shortlisted.

The 20 Australian suburbs most likely to be impacted by AI and automation

14 out of the 20 suburbs that will be most affected belong to Victoria.

Are properties for rent in Perth becoming easier to find?

While Perth vacancy rates broadly improved, some suburbs saw rates plunge 0.5ppt between June and July.

Top 20 suburbs for rental properties: Adelaide 2023

Suburbtrends data reveals regions that recorded notable falls in vacancy rates between June and July.

Top 20 growth suburbs in Sydney 2023

Many suburbs are located in the city’s west.

Top 20 growth suburbs in Melbourne 2023

Some of Melbourne’s best suburbs are clustered around the Yarra Valley.

Queensland rental market hardest hit by rental price hikes

Rents are rising and eating into incomes the most in QLD, SA and NSW.

Top 20 Best & Most Liveable Suburbs In Adelaide for Families

The city ranked 12th for liveability and is often considered one of the most affordable cities in Australia

Top 10 most affordable suburbs in Australia

“Affordable housing fuels our economy,” said Suburbtrends founder Kent Lardner