solar panels roof
Infrastructure such as solar panels, can now be installed with less red tape at stratas. Image: William Mead, Pexels
  • Only 50% of owners have to agree on the installation of sustainable infrastructure
  • This includes solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicle charging points
  • Utilities such as electricity make up to 25% of a strata’s administrative cost

Kevin Anderson, the Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, has announced changes to the Strata Schemes Management Act which will make it easier to install sustainability infrastructure.

The changes in the law mean within strata committees, only 50% of owners need to agree on the installation of clean energy infrastructure in apartment buildings.

This includes, but is not limited to, infrastructures such as solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicle charging points.

“The reality is that apartment buildings have been held back when it comes to installing renewable energy, and that had to change,” Mr Anderson said.

Mr Anderson noted the difficulty for owners and residents alike to install this type of infrastructure due to high voting thresholds currently in place in strata schemes.

“This Government is committed to creating a strong, safe and sustainable environment for the 82,000 people living in strata buildings in NSW. Every dollar counts at the moment, and I won’t allow red tape to stand in the way of those people accessing clean energy and the lower bills that come with it,” said Mr Anderson.

“Now that we’ve made it easier than ever to get approval to install sustainable infrastructure, we want to ensure there’s nothing else standing in the way.”

According to Fair Trading New South Wales, up to 60% of an apartment buildings total energy can be used in common areas with utilities accounting for on average 20-25% of a strata schemes administrative fund, showing it can benefit not just residents, but also owner corporations.

By using cost-effective measures, common property energy consumption can be reduced by 30-40% – a significant saving.

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