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Harris Farm Markets are now back in Queensland. Image – Canva.
  • Harris Farm Markets have moved into Queensland, opening two stores
  • Online sales are taking off, due to pandemic influence
  • 30 years ago, the business used to own the site they are now (back) in

You’ve heard of ‘Smashing Pumpkins’, well, all vegetables and fruit seem to be ‘smashing it’ online.

NSW-based Harris Farm Markets have now opened in Brisbane and are also delivering online as COVID continues to move traditional shopping to the interwebs.

The famed ‘champion of farmers’ returned to Queensland with the opening of their Clayfield store.

“We have produce ready to go to new homes,” said co-CEO Angus Harris.

“Honey Gold mangoes from all over Queensland are in plentiful supply, as are the small-seed, fleshy Lychee variety, the Kwai Pinks from Bundaberg. It’s melon heaven through to the end of March … egg and truss tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and coriander. It’s stone fruit season, so nectarines and peaches are juicy and plentiful as well.”

Harris Farm Markets opened their Clayfield store in December with the flagship store open in West Village at West End later this year.

The two Brisbane stores plus the online offering will feature produce from more than 300 Queensland growers, creators and producers and combined will employ over 200 staff.

“Certainly, the ongoing concern about COVID-19 has meant many people prefer to order their fruit and veg online, and we are seeing orders come in from all over greater Brisbane which is a wonderful testament to the city, and it’s a love affair with local produce and fresh flavours.”

To make things easier, the store has ready-made boxes including Dave’s Market Picks (David Harris is the founder of Harris Farm Markets), the Office Fruit & Snack box and the Pizza Kit box.

All online orders are sustainably packaged in recyclable & reusable boxes made from recycled materials and compostable bio pack bags, with reusable cooler bags for perishables.

Queensland is the first state Harris Farm has expanded to. They used to own the site at Clayfield 30 years ago before selling it to Carlo and Susan Lorenti who founded the famed Clayfield Markets Fresh.

In a full-circle story, Carlo and Susan have stayed on as managers.

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