green house
Image – Canva.
  • Everybody is becoming more attuned to the massive impact mankind has on the environment
  • Ways to make your home greener include double glazing and solar panels
  • Also, gardens should be utilised more to provide shading for the house

As we all evolve, going green is becoming ever so popular.

And quite rightly.

After all, everybody is becoming more attuned to the massive impact mankind is having on our environment, world, atmosphere and even space.

Some of the easy starting points for going green are very simple. Here are my top tips.

solar panel
Installing solar panels is a popular way to make your home more eco-friendly and save on power bills too. Image – Canva.

10 Ways to Make your Home Greener and More Eco-friendly

  1. Double glazing – this greatly increases the cooling and heating efficiency of the home as well as dampens the noise component.
  2. Solar panels – the obvious green effect of creating your own solar energy here in warm and sunny WA is high priority with some householders selling surplus requirements back into the grid.
  3. Grey water – recycling shower and washing water to be used in the garden or used to flush through the toilets, especially in hot and dry WA.
  4. Rainwater – capturing and harvesting rainwater which is also a huge health benefit with Perth’s hard and fluoride-rich water
  5. Building design – this obvious one is to position your property to minimise summer sun and maximise the winter sun effect with correct placement on your building block while also using higher ceilings, roof space, use of eaves and other building tricks.
  6. Cross ventilation – once again, with a simple design and appropriate windows, cross ventilation can enhance liveability and reduce energy costs for cooling and heating.
  7. Building with recyclable products – the is a big one especially if you are looking at adding further extensions to existing homes, you can embrace using the greener carbon zero-type products now so readily available.
  8. Insulation – every home should be insulated for obvious heating and cooling reasons, also helps with noise levels.
  9. Gardens – incorporating appropriate plants to shade and cool the house through summer plus using minimum paving or bitumen and concrete and maximising the use of water-efficient gardens and landscape can further enhance.
  10. Energy rating – seeking a consultant to have your home correctly energy rated with the accompanying appliances, air conditioning and heating system will add further benefits to your green home and NABAERS rating with its liveability and resale value.

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