The Bubble House is amoung the most weird and wonderful in Australia. Image –
  • Victoria's pole house stands 40 metres above the ground
  • Queensland's bubble house takes inspiration from NASA's Mars Rover
  • Australia boasts some incredible and quirky abodes

From the weird and the wonderful to the strange and spectacular here are some of the quirkiest houses from around Australia.

The Pole House

Fairhaven Victoria 

This appropriately named “Pole House” is raised 40 metres above the ground and can be spotted by passersby from Australia’s famous Great Ocean Road.

The house’s elevated design has helped it to withstand three separate bushfires.

If you can brave the heights, you too can enjoy waking up to the sounds of the ocean in this unique abode, with the house currently open to holidaymakers for $950 per night.

The Bubble House

Ipswich Queensland 

One could be forgiven for mistaking this Queensland house for the set of a Willy Wonka or Austin Powers movie. The house was designed and built by architect Graham Birchall, of Birchall Architects to be used as his personal home as well as the headquarters for his business.

Taking close to a decade to be built the house is made up of 11 intersecting domes with inspiration drawn from NASA’s Mars Rover.

The bubble house was put on the market in 2020 but the outcome of the listing is unknown.

The Hobbit House

Quindalup, West Australia

Endearingly named the ‘Hobbit House’ this dirt-covered dwelling is inspired by the industrial structures used by mining companies in Western Australia’s north.

Buried under 996 tonnes, the home’s naturally insulative qualities means it requires no heating or cooling.

Originally completed in 2016, this home was sold in 2021 for $975,000.

Cave Homes

Coober Pedy, South Australia

While they might look primitive, these cave homes come with cost-saving and environmental benefits.

Coober Pedy is town 850 kilometres north of Adelaide on the Stuart Highway, known as the “opal capital of the world”. More than half of its residents live underground.

The cave dwellings help them to survive the sweltering summer heat and the icy cold winter cold.

For those who don’t mind the underground lifestyle, the cave-like homes are some of the most affordable in Australia. 

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