Integrating Experiential Design into a development from the start leads to places that feel good according to Turner’s Aniss Adle. Image – Canva
  • Developers who prioritise designing ‘experiences’ could reap the rewards
  • Experiential Design of a space can evoke emotions and memories, according to Turner’s Aniss Adle.
  • Shaping behaviour through design can benefit the broader community

Developers looking to make their spaces memorable may benefit from employing Experiential Design to help fashion spaces that are tailored to meet the needs of both visitors and residents.

Architecture and urban design company Turner has recently launched a specialised Experiential Design team headed up by Aniss Adler.

She explains that the deliberate design of an individual’s experience within a particular area can evoke emotions and memories. Experiential Design in retail spaces can also prompt certain actions sought after by a brand or developer, such as increased spending.

Adler and her team are involved in an array of design elements including lighting design, wayfinding and place branding, through to public art strategy and creation.

She says the seamless integration of design features is what sets Experiential Design apart from other built-environment services.

“There’s a foyer or hallway that needs to be filled and there’s little consideration for how a visitor to the space will interact with it,” Adler says.

“Experiential Design can counteract that.

“Integrating Experiential Design into development from the start leads to places that feel good, are easy to navigate, spark joy or curiosity, and are memorable.”

Turner’s projects are increasingly adopting Experiential Design as a service, and according to Aniss, developers, are reporting positive outcomes.

“Initially, some of our developer clients were perhaps a little sceptical, or it wasn’t something they’d thought about. Now, those same clients insist my team sits in on every meeting from a project’s inception,” she says.

“Utilising Experiential Design on a mixed-use, residential or commercial development early on can have a big impact on the project’s success and the way people interact with and experience a place. This leads to increased demand for the ‘product’ (an apartment or retail tenancies for example).”

Shaping behaviour through design can be beneficial for the broader community, according to Adler.

For instance, a thoughtfully designed shopping area that utilises Experiential Design techniques can enhance foot traffic for vendors, enhance safety, and lower crime rates via strategic positioning of lighting and navigational aids.

Ultimately, Adler believes the key is to intentionally create spaces that people can enjoy.

“People’s expectations of design have changed. We all want to live in places that are designed well for us and for our families.”

“Our goal is to create what I call ‘optimistic spaces’ – spaces that are thoughtfully designed and built to promote a positive future.”

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