Working from home. Image – Canva
  • Nestpick unveiled its new 'Work-From-Anywhere' Index. 
  • The two largest Australian cities made it into the top three
  • 75 of the world's most liveable cities were studied

Australia’s Garden City topped the ranking of a new ‘Work-From-Anywhere’ Index.

The international online rental site – Nestpick – said that even before the pandemic companies were beginning to adopt work-from-anywhere policies.

“The last year has really proved to many companies that remote-working is not only a possibility, but actually something that can be beneficial to everyone involved.

Omer Kucukdere, Founder and CEO at Nestpick.

“The technology has been available for a while now, but it’s taken seeing it in practice for the idea to really take hold,” said Mr Kucukdere.

Given the impact of the pandemic on work-life, Nestpick investigated which cities make it easier for remote employees to live and work there while also being attractive to foreigners.

Their research included analysing 75 of the world’s most liveable cities. Each was given scores across three categories: costs and infrastructure, legislation and freedom, and livability.

The cities were given points for aspects various that might improve working, from vaccination and infection rates of Covid19 to internet speed and gender equality.

Australia’s Garden City. Image – Canva

Melbourne is ranked the highest in the ‘Working-From-Anywhere’ Index but Sydney was not far behind in third place on the ranking list.

Top 10 Countries in the Work-From-Anywhere Index

  1. Melbourne – Australia (100)
  2. Dubai – UAE (96.64)
  3. Sydney – Australia (92.62)
  4. Tallinn – Estonia (88.11)
  5. London – UK (87.18)
  6. Tokyo – Japan (86.81)
  7. Singapore – Singapore (85.5)
  8. Glasgow – UK (84.74)
  9. Montreal – Canada (84.07)
  10. Berlin – Germany (82.88)

It’s interesting that Melbourne topped the list, as they had a harder lockdown period than most other Australian cities last year. The convenience of their WFH city perhaps made this slightly more bearable than it would otherwise have been.

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