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  • The first 10 seconds of a home open can have a lasting impression
  • It is therefore vital to present your house in the best light possible

One of the most important aspects of preparing your home for sale is the outdoor appeal.

Often when buyers are attending a home open to purchase the home of their dreams, the first 10 seconds form a lasting impression so it is vital to have your home and its façade presented in the best light possible.

In this article, I will plug an excerpt from my upcoming book The Ultimate Guide to Selling your Home (also will be available on Audible for all your listeners out there) with a checklist on what you can do to prepare the outdoors of your home for sale.


If your home has a garden, it might be one of the key selling points that attracts a buyer to your home and so you need to present it at its absolute best. Ensure it enhances your property’s presentation by having it well cared for. This also gives the impression that it’s easy to maintain.

A garden maintenance company can help you do this at an extra fee, but with the right tools and equipment after a trip down to the local Bunnings, the following checklist can help you along. Investing in some plants to give your garden a lift might also go a long way in enhancing the entry and soothing any unattractive areas.

Garden checklist

  • Spread a lawn lifter a month or two out, to energise your lawn.
  • Keep the lawn mowed and its edges trimmed.
  • Weed the garden often during the sale period.
  • Add fresh mulch to garden beds.
  • Repair the garden bed edging.
  • Trim back bushes and trees.
  • Enhance key areas with plants.
  • Clear any fallen leaves daily from the garden.
  • Clear any rubbish or loose items that don’t belong.


This is the entry point to your home and it’s what the prospective buyer sees as soon as they arrive to your property. First impressions are created from this point forward and it should be as warm and as inviting as it can be.

You can have some beautiful looking flowers leading up to your front door, all watered and looking healthy. Small and well-trimmed trees along the path or a live garden fence might also add to the glamour.

Your entrance door should be sparkling clean. The entrance should be inviting enough with a fresh sweetened aroma that greets the buyers.

Entry Checklist

  • Keep the pathway clean and stable.
  • Have a warm colorful welcome mat.
  • Check the doors to ensure they are in good condition, clean and open easily and with no squeaks.
  • Refresh the paint on your front door if necessary.
  • Clear all clutter from your entry. This gives the impression of ample space.
  • Light up the entrance point.

House Façade

With a high-pressure hose, wash your home down by clearing away dirt and cobwebs,. If after all the washing has taken place, you still feel it doesn’t look as great as it should, you may wish to give the front door a new coat of paint.

For timber homes, repainting the exterior certainly enhances its appearance and at times a change in color is called for. If the budget doesn’t allow for a total paint job, you can freshen up the exterior by simply touching up those spots that need the most attention.

Clear out the gutters. Fix any obvious damage to the façade including the fence, wire, or metal doors, etc. Once all the above is done, it gives the impression that your house is well cared for.

House Façade Checklist

  • Make a list of the obvious things that need attention.
  • Spot and budget for painting where and when necessary.
  • Wash down painted surfaces and remove cobwebs.
  • Have a well-presented letterbox.
  • Clear out gutters and fix any damages.
  • Check that all doors open and close easily

There you have it, bookmark this article so you’ll have this handy checklist when you need it the most!

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