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Close to 110,000 installations occurred last year across New South Wales. Image – Canva.

Due to the rising cost of energy and various government incentives, solar power is one of Australia’s fastest-growing industries.

Nationally, there have been over 2.86 million solar PV installations across Australian households – which equates to around one in every four homes.

According to the Clean Energy Regulator, over 362,000 rooftop solar PV installations occurred in 2020, with 108,922 occurring in New South Wales.

It is estimated the installed capacity of Australian PV is over 22 million kW or 22.3 gigawatts, as of June 2021. This level of growth is extraordinary given that when the Australian PC Institute began collecting data in 2001, it was a mere 422 kW.

While one could argue this growth has been great for the environment and households, the emergence of “cash grab” providers has left some consumers worse off.

Such providers have capitalised on the exponential demand by selling cheap – in some cases even unsafe – products and cutting installation procedures to make a quick and easy profit.

Reports have surfaced noting a lack of after-sales support, poor output, broken inverters and even panels catching fire from such “cash grab” providers.

Over 750 solar installations companies have ceased trading since 2011, leaving thousands of customers out of warranty.

This serves as a reminder to consumers that when selecting an installer, a reputable installer that has the appropriate licenses and accreditations and provides a full-service –  including post-installation – should be chosen.

Additionally, the Clean Energy Council (CEC) suggests using only Approved Solar Retailers.

To assist in making the right decision, see below 25 of the best solar panel installers across Sydney.

Top Solar Panel Installers in Sydney

Image – Canva.

1) Beyond Solar

Beyond Solar is a solar panel installer based in Ingleburn, New South Wales. They have over 15 years of experience in the Australian Solar industry and have partnered with SMA Australia (a subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG) through the SMA PowerUP Trusted Solar Energy partner program to deliver world-renowned SMA products.

2) Space Solar

Space Solar is a leading solar panel installer that has installed over 10,000 systems across Sydney. With 10 years of experience, they are NSW’s largest solar energy solutions provider. Both, their sales and service centres are based in Sydney itself, with all installations done by Space Solar themselves – no subcontractors.

3) Rescom Solar

Rescom Solar is a solar energy equipment provider. With a head office in Sydney, Rescom installs throughout NSW with both a commercial and residential team. All their installers are Clean Energy Council Accreditated Installers, with the installation director having been designing and installing solar systems since 2007. In this time, they have installed over 2MW of solar power.

4) Arise Solar

Arise Solar offer a variety of solar power products and services to both residents and businesses across Sydney. They are 100% Australian owned and operated and offer no deposit solar installation.

5) SolarBright

Solar Bright specialise in solar power, energy rated tubular skylights and solar-powered roof ventilators for both residential and commercial customers. The company was founded in 2008 and is now one of the largest residential and commercial solar installers in NSW. They operate from a purpose-built facility in Prestons, which is home to their head office, showroom, factory and warehouse and have over ten installation teams across Sydney and NSW.

6) Banana Solar

Banana Solar is based in St Peters and offers a range of top-end products and servicing surrounding solar, battery, smart monitoring and electric car charging. Banana uses some of the latest 3D solar design technology to recommend the most optimal panel layout for its customers.

7) Solar Partners

Solar Partners has been installing solar power systems for over 20 years across the Sydney Metropolitan Area, Blue Mountains, Penrith, Hills District and Hawkesbury. Solar Partners offers both residential and commercial solar services, along with solar batteries.

8) Captain Green Solar

Captain Green Solar is one of the largest solar retailers in Australia, having installed over 270,000 panels during the past 10 years.  They are an Approved Solar Retailer of the Clean Energy Council (CEC) of Australia.

9) Solaray Energy

Solaray Energy is Australia’s largest and most experienced installer of Smart Solar Power and Storage. Solaray has been awarded as Australia’s installer of the year by both Enphase and LG Solar for five and four years respectively.

10) Skyline Solar

Skyline Solar has been operating in Sydney for the past 12 years saving customers $1.7 million in electricity bills. They offer custom installation with top of range panels, components and batteries. They have also installed Australia’s largest residential Tesla Powerwall.

11) Aussie Hybrid Solar

Aussie Hybrid Solar, trading under JT Solar, has installed over 200,000 solar panels since 2009. Based in Silverwater, they specialise in all-inclusive energy solutions including solar power systems, hybrid storage (battery) systems with backup options, an off-grid power system and Virtual Power Plant energy plans.

12) Energus

Energus is a commercial solar solutions provider based in North Sydney. Since its launch in 2014, Energus has commissioned hundreds of commercial solar systems across Australia, assisted by over 70 years of industry experience among the team.

13) Western Sydney Solar

Founded in 2010, Western Sydney Solar provides grid-connected solar design, installation and service backed by an in-house team. All their installations include site analysis and individual solar designs.  They currently service the Hills, Lower Mountains and the Outer Western Suburbs Districts.

14) Penrith Solar Centre

Founded in 2017, Penrith Solar Centre offers customers a complete solar energy service from start to finish as a way of bridging the gap between solar retailers and installers. Their mission is to give 15,000 homes in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains the power to produce, store and consume their energy by 2025.

15) Nepean Solar Solutions

Penrith-based Nepean Solar Solutions provides solar energy solutions in Western Sydney. The entire Nepean team are employees – not contractors – and when booking a consultation, customers will be met by the owner, Jim. They offer installations and maintenance services for both existing and new solar systems.

16) E-Smart Solar

Founded in 2011, E-Smart Solar provides solar energy installation in the Blue Mountains, Penrith and Hawkesbury, while working with an array of residential and commercial clients across Sydney.

17) PureGen Energy

Founded in 2008, Puregen Energy is a family-owned solar company based in Hunters Hill providing solar technology advice and installation using global leading products across New South Wales. Their broad range of customers include homeowners, businesses, architects, developers, educational institutions and rural owners.

18) Solarpro

Solarpro is a family-owned business that provides solar energy services across Northern Sydney. Solarpro became the first provider in NSW of the innovative SolarEdge system back in 2010 and are one of the most experienced installers national of solar pool heating.

19) All Green Environmental Solutions

All Green Environmental Solutions was founded on the Central Coast and has since expanded to cover Newcastle, Hunter and Sydney during the first few years of operations. All Green specialises in the supply and installation of PV solar panels, solar hot water systems, hybrid battery energy storage systems and off-grid solar to homes and businesses – both small and large – throughout NSW.

20) Soltek Energy

Soltek Energy is an Australian owned business consisting of specialist renewal electrical engineers who offer solar power solutions across Sydney. Along with solar, they are also trained and experienced in wind and hydro engineering.

21) KillaWatts

KillaWatts is an owner-operator solar installer based in Sydney. David Russin is a licenced electrician, and an accreditated solar power and battery storage designer. He has been in the electrical industry since 2000 and starting focusing more on solar power in 2014.

22) Smooth Current Electrical and Solar

Smooth Current Electrical and Solar is a Sydney-based solar installer. They provide both residential and commercial solar power services servicing the Northern Beaches, Upper North Shore, Lower North Shore, Sydney Metro and the Inner West.

23) Macarthur Solar

Macarthur Solar is solar panel sales and installation business operating in south-west Sydney. Matthew Cox founded Macarthur Solar from his Spring Farm home in 2015 after developing a passion for sustainable and renewable resources. The small team of six – which includes in-house installers – has installed 4,000 panels across homes and businesses in the Macarthur area.

24) Energy Culture

Energy Culture is a group of accredited and approved solar electricians based on the Northern Beaches.  They aim to help consumers become less reliable on the network while saving on electrical bills and living more sustainably.

25) Lynton Electrical

Lynton Electrical provide professional electrical solutions throughout Sydney. As licensed contractors, they can install and repair residential custom solar power systems. Along with installations, they offer solar servicing, repairs and grid connection services.

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