Canstar has released a report revealing the best suburbs in Australia for first home buyers. Image – Canva
  • Canstar's latest report reveals the best suburbs for first home buyers
  • Perth is the best capital city for first home buyers according to the report
  • Armadale, Butler and Gosnells top the list for Perth

First home buyers in Perth are looking at some of the most affordable options in the country according to a new report published by Canstar that identified the best Bright Starters suburbs.

The research took into account price, only considering suburbs in Perth with median prices lower than $440,000.

Canstar’s Editor-at-Large, Effie Zahos, explained that the research took a common-sense approach. The report shows how long it would take to save a deposit for an
entry-level property rather than a more expensive median-priced option.

“Of course, being able to afford a property is only one part of the buying equation – where to buy is just as important.”

Effie Zahos, Canstar Editor-at-Large

“These suburbs not only meet our objective of being affordable but have strong prospects for growth based on five key metrics – sales volumes, price growth, vacancy rates, infrastructure and proximity to work and amenities.”

For suburbs on this list, the average time to save for a 10% deposit plus stamp duty is three years and eight months for a single income. This is based on ABS Personal Income data for Perth and the assumption that 20% of after-tax income is saved each month.

For a dual-income, it only takes a year and eight months.

Buying a property in Perth has a stamp duty rate that is quite low by national standards at just $433, making it even more attractive to first-time buyers. For those eligible, first home buyers can sometimes avoid stamp duty all together if the property is valued under $430,000.

The best suburbs in Perth for first home buyers

Suburb Median price 1-year growth Median rent Initial outlay (10% Deposit) Time to save (Single income) Time to save (Dual income) Monthly repayment+
Armadale 275000 0.31 320 27913 2 yrs & 6 mths 1 yr & 3 mths 1109
Butler 390000 0.07 390 39433 3 yrs & 7 mths 1 yr & 9 mths 1579
Gosnells 325000 0.14 340 32933 3 yrs 1 yr & 6 mths 1310
Kelmscott 350000 0.1 340 35433 3 yrs & 2 mths 1 yr & 7 mths 1417
Medina 275000 0.28 340 27913 2 yrs & 6 mths 1 yr & 3 mths 1109
Midland 310000 0.07 350 31433 2 yrs & 10 mths 1 yr & 5 mths 1250
Parmelia 295000 0.23 350 29913 2 yrs & 8 mths 1 yr & 4 mths 1189
Port Kennedy 395000 0.12 400 39933 3 yrs & 8 mths 1 yr & 10 mths 1599
Rockingham 420000 0.1 380 42453 3 yrs & 10 mths 1 yr & 11 mths 1700
Westminster 380000 0.16 350 38433 3 yrs & 6 mths 1 yr & 9 mths 1538


10 best suburbs in Perth for first home buyers

1.  Armadale

2.  Medina

3.  Parmelia

4. Midland

5.  Gosnells

6. Kelmscott

7. Westminster

8. Butler

9.  Port Kennedy

10. Rockingham

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