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  • A controversial land tax proposal was dropped by the state government
  • Pete Wargent said BuyersBuyers' top suburb list includes a range of middle-ring suburbs where buyers can have the upper hand in negotiations
  • Population growth from overseas migration has picked up

Following the shelving of a controversial land tax, southeast Queensland is back on the radar of property investors, said Pete Wargent, co-founder of national buyers agency BuyersBuyers.

Mr Wargent noted that it has been a highly uncertain period for prospective buyers in Queensland property across both the residential and commercial space, with many putting their plans on hold or looked to invest elsewhere in the country.

“South-east Queensland is usually the most popular choice for interstate investors, and now we expect that to continue, which should help to take some of the pressure off extremely tight rental markets.”

Pete Wargent, BuyersBuyers

pete wargent
Pete Wargent, BuyersBuyers. Image – LinkedIn.

“In Brisbane, overall buyer sentiment is significantly cooler than it was a year ago, and there is no scope to negotiate much more forcefully on price and terms for investment grade properties,” Mr Wargent said.

Doron Peleg, BuyersBuyers CEO, noted that there are a range of emerging opportunities for investors across Brisbane.

Mr Peleg said using their Where to Buy property market research tool, the team has found the top 10 suburb picks for Brisbane for investors looking to buy a house, with budgets ranging from $700,000 to $1,200,000.

“It’s important to note that there are always properties worth considering well below the suburb’s median price,” he said.

Top 10 suburbs for Brisbane investors

Suburb Region Postcode Property Type No. of Properties Median Price ($)
Kenmore Brisbane North 4069 House 3,388 $1,187,791
Boondall Brisbane North 4034 House 3,171 $862,834
Mt. Gravatt East Brisbane South 4122 House 3,488 $1,142,593
Brighton Brisbane North 4017 House 3,575 $1,000,783
Runcorn Brisbane South 4113 House 3,674 $880,313
Aspley Brisbane North 4034 House 3,995 $1,041,505
Calamvale Brisbane South 4116 House 4,229 $1,080,857
Sunnybank Hills SW Brisbane 4109 House 5,306 $1,061,121
Bracken Ridge Brisbane North 4017 House 5,721 $878,063
The Gap NW Brisbane 4061 House 5,854 $1,192,154

Source – BuyersBuyers

“Borrowing capacity has fallen for many borrowers this year, and this is pushing some buyers down into lower price brackets than they might have previously looked it, driving an increased interest in townhouses and units in Brisbane,” he said.

“Generally speaking, though, detached homes are the property of choice for buyers in Brisbane with the requisite budget.”

Mr Wargent said their top suburb list includes a range of middle-ring suburbs where buyers can have the upper hand in negotiations.

“Vacancy rates are low in the suburbs we have highlighted, and there is very little risk of oversupply in most landlocked areas in Brisbane, as population growth from overseas migration picks up rapidly,” he said.

SQM Research shows how tight the rental market is in Brisbane.


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“The Brisbane market has been a strong performer in recent years, but it’s in a bit of a downturn phase at the moment. To generate a strong result over the next decade out to the Brisbane Olympics in 2032 it will be very important to buy the right property, and at the right price.”

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