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Brisbane, QLD 4000


Company News

Inflation causing three major market issues

Inflation rate will construction costs rise, and rental market and interest rates tighten

Australia’s top suburbs to invest in

With a housing downturn likely to last until the end of this year, opportunities are opening up for counter-cyclical investors

How long will the housing market crash last?

Australian downturns in property are have typically been 18 months or less, according to BuyersBuyers’ Pete Wargent

Tax reform to popularise medium-density living

Smaller land blocks predicted to gain traction once the NSW land tax is enacted, says a leading property commentator

Flood risk not an issue for waterfront buyers in Australia

Water views continue to be the apple of Australians’ eyes despite recent flooding

Demand for land drives NSW values toward $3 trillion

Increased by $1.7 trillion in the past year

Brisbane investors keen to cash in on Olympic boom

This is despite the market underperforming in Sydney and London post-Olympics

Mortgage brokers dominate market share

Account for 67% of new mortgages written, as opposed to banks

Price growth FOMO leads to buyer mistakes

Due diligence key to sidestepping minefields, says Doron Peleg